Trimming the Fake Tree

We usually put up the ol’ tree on the day after Thanksgiving, but this year has been so crazy, that we just got to it yesterday (actually this year it was a 2 day affair!). This will be the third year using a hand me down 9′ artificial tree. I know, we never thought we’d have a fake tree, but let me tell you – it has been a blessing! I figure it has saved us about $200 so far, plus no sneezing, no itching, no sap, no trying get it to stand up straight, and best of all – it looks just as green and fresh on Christmas day as it did the day we put it up! Anywho – here’s some pictures of the process. By the way this is Macy’s first year being able to “help” decorate.







8 thoughts on “Trimming the Fake Tree

  1. Mahmo Schneider

    Now it’s time to come to Mahmos and decorate Casper-(our friendly elk) Anyway kids are so cute, love them

  2. Mahmo McLean

    Wow! How cute can it be? Love the shot of Macy with her butt in the air…..but Alex..where’s your Santa hat?

  3. Auntie Em

    o wow these are cute! I miss My Miley and Macy! 🙁

  4. Lisi

    Yeah we have a hand-me-down fakey too 🙁 But it beats dead needles all over the carpet. The kids look super adorable ! Jen sportin the santa hat…love you guys

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