Treo 700p Bluetooth DUN & MBP


Wow, that’s one geeky title!

So I used to surf the net via my Treo 650 using PdaNet, which worked fine (just will cost you $34). It was a little dorky to have your phone attached to your laptop via USB, but it worked. Then a buddy of mine showed me how to setup up a network connection and bypass PdaNet, which also worked fine – this was all on my Dell 700m Laptop.

Then I changed to a Treo 700p, and the version of PdaNet I had didn’t work and I was too cheap/broke to buy the updated version, so I just stopped using it, & honestly I didn’t use it that much. Fast forward to today. I canceled my home high speed, knowing that I could check email, blog & tweet from my phone. Then I remembered that there is a way to use the phone via Bluetooth as a modem, which got me excited – so I went off to research, at the office of course because we were “unplugged” at home.

It took me quite a while to find the best resource that worked, so I thought I would share it here. Basically all I had to do was follow the instructions and it worked like a charm. I updated the firmware on my Treo, downloaded a couple programs, did some configuration on the MBP, and walla – I am blogging from home tonight. So here’s some valuable resources:

1. Palm Downloads
2. Step by Step directions for setting up your Treo/Modem for your Mac

(make sure you have the unlimited data plan for your carrier, or you might end up with a huge bill)

4 thoughts on “Treo 700p Bluetooth DUN & MBP

  1. Billy Chia

    Way to find a creative solution and leverage the internet usage you are already paying for on your phone!

  2. Chris Davis

    I do have to ask… do you have AT&T?

    They have a “way” now of finding out if you’re tethering… even if you have the “unlimited data” plan… they’ll sock you with a pretty high bill if you don’t have the unlimited data plan WITH tethering…

  3. Rich Kirkpatrick

    this is exciting… what service? I have Sprint… we will try it out and let you know if I can figure this out.

  4. alex mclean

    we have Sprint – so far, so good on the charges…

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