Trapped in Your Own Body?

150129-martin-pistorius-hospitalI watched this Ted Talk today and was absolutely blown away… I can’t even imagine the horror of being trapped inside your own body. Then to hear some of the unthinkable things that this man experienced during that time – it’s heartbreaking. But what is really heartbreaking is that it took a talk like this for me to even think about people like Martin Pistorius in this way – and by “this way” I just mean, considering what is going on in the minds and bodies of those people who have kind of been given up on – what if they are like Martin, trapped in their own bodies… and worse how many are suffering from some type of abuse (which is absolutely unthinkable and horrifying – who is standing in the gap for them?)

I think everyone should watch this and have their minds expanded with what Martin Pistorius has to say.

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