Transformers: I don't get it

transformersOK. I’m going to get crucified for this, but I’m watching Transformers right now, and I can barely stand it. It is soooooo cheesy. I’ve seen the cheese factor at least a dozen times, and in the last scene there were at least 3-4; Bumblebee “lubricating” on a guy. The “hot” girl telling the secret agent to undress, and he’s got some crazy superman tank top on and printed boxers. I mean, come on… I watched Transformers as a kid and this is such a let down. The scene where the parent catch the kid upstairs and all the Autobots are hiding outside – cheese! “Sector 7”? Get real…

And the soundtrack? wow, not even close! It’s all soundscapish and LOTR style… for Transformers? Come ON!

Maybe I’m just numb to CGI, but other than that, what a let down. Maybe it’s one of those movies that everyone builds up so much hype around, then you watch it and it’s nowhere near what you thought it would be.

Cheese factor quotes: (as I’m watching the movie, I’ve already missed like 50)

“I bought a car, turned out to be an alien robot”

“Freedom is the right of all sentium beings”

“Autobots roll out!”

“Oh and her juvie record, that’s gotta be gone forever”


“We call him NBE One, that’s what we call it”

“All hail Megatron”

“Freddy Kruger had four blades, that’s Wolverine baby!”

I’m losing interest… Rich Kirkpatrick just IM’d me, later…

9 thoughts on “Transformers: I don't get it

  1. Chris Stout

    Okay, now that I’ve calmed down a bit…I won’t disown you. 🙂

    I know you could have picked out the cheezy lines and focused in on them, but we thought it was a really good movie. You’ve got to remember that Transformers is more for the Kid in us, not the adult that looks for every glitch and mistake.

  2. James

    I’m going to guess that you think ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ was a good movie.

    Dude…Transformers rocks!

  3. WorshipCity

    Ok, so was this your 1st time seeing it? I could imagine it not living up to the hype…maybe, I mean there is a TON of hype!! So if your just now watching it I can empathize. However, it’s probably my most favorite entertaining movie of the year so far 🙂
    You must have missed my review a while back. That was my one criticism, as much as I loved it, I hated that Michael Bay did it. He can’t make an action movie, he MUST make an Actiomedy and pepper ridiculous cheese scenes throughout. Despite that, the action and the transforming Transformers just does it for me!!

  4. inWorship

    Maybe it’s that fact that I really didn’t care about Transformers growing up, so I don’t really have any loyalty to them, but I LOVED this movie!

    The reality is that anytime you are going to have “Savior” robots that turn into toaster ovens, there is going to be some “cheese”. But I enjoyed the actiona dn i LOVED that humor.

    I am a little juvenile in my comic tastes though 🙂

  5. Rich Kirkpatrick

    Cheesy? Yes. But in all the right ways. You should have seen it in the theater and with a couple little boys like I did. My son, nine, was on the edge of his seat.

  6. James McLean

    yeah you really needed to see this in the big theater. my favorite scene was the scorpion looking transformer in the desert, so cool!

  7. Karl

    Nicely done, Alex. Nicely done.

    Transformers is right up there on par with Once Upon a Time in Mexico and the infamous Congo.

    Just my opinion of course. 🙂 *ducks flying darts, chairs, flaming spears, and Dole/Kemp buttons*

  8. Zach

    Alright Bro, I understand how the cheesiness can get to ya. I love the movie for the appropriate cheesiness of Optimus Prime (“We have lost one comrade but gained many new ones”) He was as cheesy as necessary, as were all the transformers really. Yes the writing could have been a bit better for the humans but my inner-kiddo was jumping up and down and thrilled. I bought the DVD I still love watching it. Just relax, have a relaxing beverage, and be a kid again while watching it 😉

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