I don’t have TV. Today is a day where I wish I did, actually… I take that back, maybe I’m glad I don’t. So I’ll be tracking this days events online. Here’s a few places where I’ll be spending some time:

  • Found this this cool tool on cnn.com – it tracks whatever electection race you are interested in by issue, state, prop, etc. I’m currently tracking the presidential election and prop’s 4 & 8. Go check it out.
  • Gonna watch a little local FOX news – I know, it’s FOX news, but it’s local and they’re fun.
  • And of course Twitter is alive and well today with all kinds of election day fun!
  • And lastly I gotta give my mom’s props by checking in with pe.com throughout the day (our local newspaper).

I’m surprised that I’m this excited/enthralled with the election – it’s kind of weird! How are you tracking election day?

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