Top Ten "Things" of 2007

I can’t really think of a better title for this, it’s kind of like a wrap up of the year dealing with all facets of my life. And they are in no particular order.

1. Switching to a MBP from a Dell Laptop.
2. Eric Beeman moving over to Chorus Church.
3. Jen and I celebrating 7 years of marriage and over 15 years of being together.
4. Designing and building a new church building.
5. Started blogging.
6. Macy being healed of her Kidney Reflux. (post coming soon).
7. Introducing AVIOM‘s to LifeChurch.
8. Family Vacation to NorCal.
9. Communications Pastor to Creative Arts Pastor to Executive Pastor all in one year. (post coming soon).
10. God’s faithfulness to our family. (Thank You!)

I know people probably do this closer to New Year’s but I’m not sure how much time I will have, so I thought I’d get ‘er done now.

What are some of your “Things” of 2007?

3 thoughts on “Top Ten "Things" of 2007

  1. Vince

    Weird. I wrote a top ten things yesterday morning and it published today. and I did the same personality test yesterday, and it publishes on saturday morning. when i was reading you blog in my reader, I thought the reader glitched and was mixing up our blogs. Weird.

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