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Hi, my name is Alex and I am an Executive Pastor. I spend a majority of my time meeting with our staff and various people in and out of the church, vision casting, fixing problems, finding solutions, emailing, blogging, reading, learning, teaching, and twittering. I also do quite a bit of graphics & video editing, as well as creative writing (making things make sense) and some worship leading. I’ve been thinking about some of the important things that I need to do my job. I thought I’d share them with you and then find out what your top tools of the trade are. Here’s mine (in no particular order):

  1. my Bible
  2. a laptop (in my case a 15″ Mac Book Pro)
  3. a cell phone (that connects to the web, in my case a Treo 755p)
  4. high speed internet
  5. camera (Canon Powershot Pro)
  6. external hard drive (phantom drive 500GB, getting fuller by the day)
  7. trustworthy vehicle (2001 Ford Ranger Edge)
  8. guitar (Takamine Santa Fe)
  9. Dunlop .60 picks & Martin SP light gauge strings
  10. Photoshop CS3 (I can do all things through Photoshop…)
  11. unending supply of reading materials (books & magazines)
  12. my backpack (carries a majority of the aforementioned gear)

So, here are the questions for you:

1. What do you do?
2. What’s in your toolbox?

4 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade

  1. Greg Maitrejean

    I am an arcade tech. My toolbox would be a 2005 Tundra, with many toys for machines, spare parts galore, and several tools to get them into their replacement spots. I live with a mini Mag-Lite on one hip, and the other hip carries a Gerber, a pen, a two-way screwdriver, and a marker. A bunch of keys is central- there is a lot of locks!! and of course, especially since I am primarily a road warrior, I need my RAZR cell phone. Daily needs- 2 commuter mugs of coffee- and my iPod 30 GB with hours of podcasts on it. I hope that I get enough new shows to last through the week…

  2. Amanda

    I am RF design engineer. My tools can be split into 2 basic groups. Design, and design verification. For Designing I need mostly computer equipment. Programs like Microwave Office (Yes microwave, not microsoft) Orcad, Autocad, PSPICE, Syncalc, MATLAB etc. I also rely on my notes from past projects and my text books from school.
    For Design Verification I am on the bench with my hardware and need tons of tools. Soldering equipment, fans, heatsinks, attenuators, couplers, loads etc. I also need tons of test equipment. Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, power meter, power supplies, signal generators . . . the avg RF engineering test bench usually costs about as much as a small house. Glad I’m not paying for it:)

  3. alex

    Amanda – um, no one is going to mess with you!

    I just was thinking of somethings that I need to add to my list:
    – in my backpack: usb calbes, firewire cables, DVI to VGA converter, power cables, USB drives, headphones…

    I always seem to be needing a cable, connector, powersource or converter at the most inopportune times. And having them has saved the day!

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