Tomorrow Morning, Up at 5am (again)


My good buddy, Eric, just finished his first min-triathlon last weekend. I think he did it in 1hr 50mins. Anyway, he challenged me to start training with him for the next one. I have always wanted to get involved in a triathlon, now here’s my chance, plus it wouldn’t hurt to get back into shape. I used to surf pretty regularly and I was a mountain bike freak for a couple years, then we had Miles and it’s been 5 years since I’ve really engaged in some kind of sport.

So tomorrow morning I’ll be up at 5am again. I say again because Sunday’s start at 5am for me – gotta be at the middle school to setup church at 6am. We start at 6 and are ready for soundcheck at 7:30am (at least that’s the plan). So tomorrow I’ll meet Eric at his house at 5:15am and we’ll run to his community pool to swim for however long, and then run back to his house. When I feel comfortable, I’ll start riding my bike to his house (about 4 miles away).

So say a prayer for me and keep me accountable – the next triathlon is in November in Mission Bay!

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow Morning, Up at 5am (again)

  1. alex

    uhhhhhhh, woke up this morning at 6:am, checked the alarm – it was set for 5:PM! LOSER! We’ll try again tomorrow…

  2. Vince

    “…When I feel comfortable, I’ll start riding my bike to his house (about 4 miles away)…”

    4 miles…when you get comfortable?!?!? what? give your self some credit, I’ve been riding with you, you can put that down in you sleep.

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