Today we WERE the Church!

Today was a special day for our church. We closed the doors and headed out to a local school that gives hopes to troubled teens. I wasn’t really sure what to expect – but today was awesome.

It all started about 2 months ago when we decided to teach a series called ‘Be the Church’ and talk about the idea of putting our faith into action. We began looking for a real need in our community, and we found a great place to serve: Oak Grove. So we sent a team out to check it out and come up with some projects for our people. After a lot of planning and preparation, the day came, and it didn’t disappoint!

About 200+ men, women, & kids showed up today to clean, paint, dig, wash, demolish, sand, stain, build, cook, and just be a presence in our community. I estimate that we spent about 1,200 man hours today ‘being’ the church to our community. It was awesome to see people of all ages serving with such great attitudes, and with such determination. I was talking with one of our people and they remarked that it was ‘amazing what we can do when we do it together’, wow.

I think people were changed today, more into the image of Christ, more compassion, more love, and more aware of the needs that our community has. It was like food for the soul. I just wanted to brag on our church, and brag on our amazing God who compels us to serve those around us for his glory.

Today was a good day.

We’ll have a ton of photos here, and we should have a video done in a week or so. For those who showed up and served, a huge thank you! Maybe some of you LifeChurcher’s will comment on your experience today!

5 thoughts on “Today we WERE the Church!

  1. Chris Stout

    Well, I was the paparazzi, but I did get a few moments to move some of the old tile to the trash. Boy that stuff was heavy! It was good to see that we aren’t just bench warmers. That we can truly take our time, and be the church by giving back to those who aren’t as fortunate as us. I loved it! We should do it more often as a church, and as individuals!

    Chris Stouts last blog post..New Phone

  2. James McLean

    well…technically you always are the church, there is not a time when you cease to be the church. 🙂

    but, this is cool, you were the church in action, on mission. this is fantastic for serving your city, for building relationships and reconciling all things back to the Creator!

    James McLeans last blog post..Something is Wrong

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  4. WorshipCity

    Holy cow man that’s awesome! So let me get this straight: instead of ‘holding church’ ya’ll went out and worked! Haha man that’s awesome! I’m with James (not that I think you disagree from what I’ve seen here) but the concept is true with most congregants that ‘church’ is in the sanctuary from 11-12 on Sundays. Getting out and living it is amazing man!

  5. alex

    Yes, ‘technically’ we are always the church, when we gather to worship, serve, remember, preach, etc. It’s just nice to redefine what ‘serve’ means sometimes – to get out of the 4 walls.

    And yes, WorshipCity, we did work rather than hold services – it was awesome.

    Stout, you were amazing, running all over with the video & still cameras.

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