Time Lapse Photo Question

Hey blogworld. We are going to begin construction of our new facility in a couple weeks here. I’d really like to do a 1-2 month time lapse photo capture. Does anyone have any brilliant ideas for this? It’s indoors. Here’s what I was thinking, let me know if I am on the right path…

I was thinking of putting together a little computer that I could hook up a web-cam to, mount it up high somewhere safe. Then use whatever software I could find to setup the time-lapse to record directly to the HD. I was thinking I would build some kind of box to protect it all.


6 thoughts on “Time Lapse Photo Question

  1. Steve Eller

    I believe you can do it in iMovie. If you look under the video pane where the little video camera icon is (next to the slider where you set it to capure) there is a little triangle. Click on it for a drop down. Select “timelapse”. You can then select how often you want it to capture an image.

    I hope this helps.

  2. alex

    yeah dude but there’s NO WAY I’m leaving my shiny MacBook Pro at a jobsite unprotected… ha ha.

  3. Steve Eller

    are you wanting this to run on pc or mac?

    i have been out of the windows world for about two years, so i really don’t know what they have right now.

    you could always find a cheap g4 ibook, or imac. just a thought

  4. Chris Stout

    I think as long as you have an internet connection at the building, LINKSYS makes a “Surveylance” camera that you can capture video over the net. That way you’re only leaving about $100 worth of gear in the corner vs. $1000 for someone to walk away with…

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