Tiger Cruise Update 2 of 5


It’s 9:00pm and the taps announcement just came over the 1MC. Lights out in the passageways and quiet. I’m sitting in the First Class Mess (which is basically a room about 10-20 or 25 feet, where all the first class people get to eat or just hang out. Mission Impossible 3 is on the TV and I just got importing more pictures from the day.

Today started pretty early, we lost an hour because we’re traveling back towards California – this will happen every couple days. I think I was up at 6am (took a shower last night) for breakfast. We had waffles, eggs, cereal, fruit, etc; Good stuff. After “chow”, all Tigers (who I am one of) had to report to the 06 deck to get “mustered” – that means they take attendance to make sure we’re all here.

After the muster we took our first “official” tour. Chris had already given me a pretty extensive tour of the ship. Anyway this first tour was down to engineering to see what powers the ship. Pretty hot down there! Here’s some pics and video.

That took about an hour and a half. After some hanging around we hit lunch – hamburgers, hot dogs & freedom fries (that’s right). After lunch, a little more hanging around and then it was up to the bridge for our second tour. This was pretty cool, got to see and hear from the people who basically steer the ship. The OOD (Officer On the Deck) gave us a good run down of everything that happens up there. While on deck we got a surprise visit from the Captain – it was cool to hear someone yell “captain on deck!” and everyone snapped to attention. Some more pics.

After that I was dragging… I forgot to mention that I didn’t get very good sleep last night. I was really looking forward to sleep, the boat was rocking nicely and my rack was so cozy. Unfortunately, the Marines one rack over weren’t ready to sleep – ever. Anyway, I decided to go try and get some shut eye.

Chris woke me up for dinner. I crashed out pretty hard. Dinner was some kind of meat (pork?), mashed potatoes, rice, salad, etc. After dinner I spent a couple hours helping Chris and his crew pack up their gear from an office and move it all onto an LCAC. This was great – so much better than standing around and watching.

So here I am now, it’s 9:30pm (or 12:30am back home). I don’t really have anything deep to say. I’m getting to meet a lot of these sailors and their good people. They’re looking forward to seeing their wives & families, and just being home. I’m stoked to hear their stories and get a peek at what life has been like for them for the past 7 months.

I miss my family as well. I’ve just been thinking how blessed we are, how blessed I am. Jen, I love you more than you’ll ever know. Miles, you are my little man, I’m so proud of you. And Macy, well you are Macy, our little girl, so cute, so funny. I love you guys so much – I spent some serious time praying for you guys last night.

Can’t wait to get some rack time and see what’s planned for tomorrow!

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  1. Chris Stout

    Dude, I’m really digging this. It’s nice to see what you thought of my little afloat world. I’m so glad to be home. I’m so glad I got to share that experience with you. Can’t wait for post 3.

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