Tiger Cruise Here I Come!

tiger cruise shirt uss germantown

On Monday I fly out to Hawaii, but not to lay under the tropical rays or surf the north shore. My good friend Chris is coming hope from being deployed for the past 7 months or so. So I get to ride from Hawaii to Cali aboard his ship! I’m totally looking forward to this once in a lifetime opportunity, but I’m also looking at being with out Jen & the kids for over a week – that’s gonna be tough. We pray together every night and spend a good amount of time together every day, so this will be strange. Imagine what these service men and women go through to serve their country!

So pray for us when you think of us over the next 2 weeks – we’d appreciate it! Also, for all those that are thinking, “Oh no, what will I read for the next couple weeks?”. Don’t fear because I’ve got something special planned for at least the first 5 days. Look for it on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Tiger Cruise Here I Come!

  1. inWorship

    Dude, that is incredible. You get to see your friend and you get to take a trip on that ship. Killer!

  2. alex

    I will! Just talked to him via cell – they’re about 10 miles out at sea.

  3. Tyler

    hey…new reader, like your blog.

    my cousin is based in san diego in the navy. just visited him yesterday actually. he was telling me about the tiger cruise. let me know how it is. i’d be interested in doing it at some point.

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