Three French Maids, I mean Three Wide-Screens

We are quickly getting our feet wet in our new building. Got all the screens up this past weekend. Only hang up was that we only got one projector hung. This week the plan is to run the cabling for the other two projectors and hang the last one (we hung another one last night). I’ll post more on how we’re running signal and what components we are using. We are really piecing a lot of gear together to make this work – not your typical “professional” install, but any layman won’t notice a bit, in fact I think it will look a lot more interesting than the typical install. The short version is that the center screen shows computer graphics, lyrics, and videos, while the outer screens show all that plus IMAG (camera shots).

So here it is. What you are looking at is three DaLite Fast Fold Truss screens (click on the image for a larger version). I can’t remember what type of screens we have, but they do have a gain boost (which means you get more lumens from your projectors). The center screen is a 10′ x 17′ widescreen. The two outer screens are 8′ x 14′ widescreens. We are front projecting on both with Mitsubishi HD4000U’s, which are pretty small projectors, but have a surprisingly clear and crisp picture. I think you can get them for around 2k now. My only complaint is that the remote barely works, I think we’re gonna have to get an IR extender.

Oh yeah, and if you didn’t get my joke title, it’s from the 12 days of Christmas…

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