This Week's Blog Goal

I don’t drive my blog very hard. Don’t do much promotion. But last week I thought, “why not?”. Why shouldn’t my blog be a growing continuation of my life? It is my vision to meet new people, learn from new people, engage in cultures outside my own – look at things differently. I believe that’s how I grow.

So with that in mind, I was inspired by my good friend Billy to create a blog goal, for this week. I’d like to see the RSS subscriptions hit 200, right now we’re at 149. I know, it’s not an astronomical number, but it’s growth. And I like what Los has to say about what RSS readers translate into:

Because a click is a person.
A person has a heartbeat.
A heartbeat has a passion.
A passion can change the world.
You can change the world.

Cool huh? When I talked with Los for 3 minutes at the PDWC, one thing that we both agreed on was that through blogging you literally break down the barriers of discomfort before you even meet people in real life. So you end up having hundreds of “real” friends that you haven’t yet met in “real” life. I absolutely love that, and I have so many friends via blogging that I’ve never met in “real” life (or at least what most people would consider real). One great example is Rich. Knew him for months before hearing that he was moving to my town. When he got here it was like we were already friends, no awkward first date moments.

Maybe you’re a little new here and have yet to subscribe (according to stats about 72.33% of you are brand new!). Maybe you don’t know what the RSS is. Maybe you haven’t harnessed the power of an RSS Reader yet. Trust me, it will change your life. Check out this little video, as it explains RSS better than I could ever.

And here’s a cool little video on Google Reader:

Wonder what I’m reading in my Google Reader?

So my invitation is to join with me on this journey. You’ll hear about my life lessons on leadership, being a husband and father and pastor, a musician, artist, and web junkie. I tend to throw in random stuff here and there, but I’ll try and be authentic and have a lot of fun on this journey.

Oh, and by the way, the subscribe button is over to the left. In the famous words of my friend Karl, “good times”. And don’t forget to go check out Billy’s blog and help him reach his goal too.

4 thoughts on “This Week's Blog Goal

  1. tam

    done. subscribed. one down. 50 to go! i believe in you!

  2. Billy Chia

    Rock on, I think you can do it. Your blog was actually an inspiration to me – I think the last I looked at your subscriber number (months ago) you might’ve had 50, so when I saw it recently I was like “Whoa! 150?! I need to get blogging!”

  3. Chris Stout

    I need to get blogging too. I only have 5 readers. But then, I haven’t blogged in like a week. My bad…

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