This landed here today!

The “Mighty Mars” from Canada arrived today in our very own Lake Elsinore to help fight these fires. Watch a video here.

Some info on the plane:

During the fire season, the aircraft are kept in a state of readiness to meet the existing fire hazard conditions. They can be in the air in ten minutes and, based on historical data, each can make a drop every fifteen minutes. Working in tandem, this equates to 7,200 US gallons (27,276 litres) every seven minutes and each drop can cover an area of up to 4 acres (1.6 hectares). It has often been said that the Mars, with a 60,000 pound (27,216 kilogram) payload of foam, is like “”a huge wet blanket”. The highly experienced Mars pilots, working closely with the Incident Commander, deliver the water or foam right where it is needed.

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