5 thoughts on “This is what is happening outside my window

  1. Erin L.

    Hey Alex and Jen!

    Saw your site on a facebook invite and had to check it out. Sooo new to all this blog and community stuff! Really need to pick up speed here on this world. But I thought I’d pop in to say “hi”. I was inspired recently to do some sort of blog myself awhile back and went for it(thinking this was something new…..not by far :)). We will have to save this link and check in from time to time.

    Oh, started study with your Mom a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it as well as growing closer to her. Also saw Miles at chuch today and I introduced myself with a handshake. He handle himself like a little gentleman.:) Take care – Erin Litteral

    ps, here what i’ve got so far.. http://heretotestify.blogspot.com/

  2. Chris

    Wow, I’m glad you called me and let me know! I didn’t even look out side though! Ha ha…Good thing Scott road is a couple miles up!

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