Designer. Communicator. Solutions Architect. Husband. Father of 4. Friend of God. I've dabbled in building, graphic design, worship, music, media, communications, connections, leadership, and now I'm an executive pastor at Rancho Community Church in Southern California.


  1. worshipcity

    I HATE spiders, so I'll refrain from searching for Spiders over there. I double dog dare you to google the Golden Orb Weaver. My worst nightmare!

  2. Dude, believe it or not we have a Golden Orb Weaver hanging out in the landscaping outside our church – the kids LOVE it, it's freaking HUGE!

  3. worshipcity

    NO WAY. I'd die. Banana spiders give me the heebie jeebies and that thing would freak me out! I don't do spiders or flying winged stinging creatures!

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