I’ve been workin a lot lately with the launch of our Unplugged Venue, LifeGroups, One Voice, and just all the stuff that’s going on. So we decided to take a little breather the other day and go to the Zoo.

We had an awesome day of just enjoying each other as a family. At a leaderhip dinner tonight Dr. Chand said something like, ‘there is no balance in life’, that ‘it comes in spurts’. I couldn’t agree more. My life seems to be a prime example of that. For some weeks I’m completely burried with no end in sight. Then I’m blessed with a great day that I get to spend with those I love the most. God is good!

Sidenote: I left the good camera at home – so all those pics are from the Treo…

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  1. God is Great brotha! You know, that Treo takes some good pics…

    Chris Stouts last blog post..Getting ready for Live!

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