The Song says it Better (Part 1)

I’m at the conception point of a concept for teaching about why we sing songs and play music as part of our traditional worship services. I know there’s tons of reasons – I’m not going there (although I’d appreciate as much feedback as I can get). Anyway, as I’ve been thinking & praying about this (I’m not at the research stage yet), this idea keeps coming back to me: The Song says it Better. Let me explain.

Have you ever been in a situation in your life where you just don’t have the right words to comprehend what is happening? Here’s an example:

lionel ritchieWhen I was pretty young, must have been middle school, my parents got me Lionel Ritchie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling”. It was the cassette album, my very first one, my only one. Why Lionel Ritchie? I don’t know, but I’m dang proud of it now. Songs like, Dancing on the Ceiling, Deep River Woman, Balarina Girl, Love Will Conquer All, and of course, Say You, Say Me. These songs changed my life. Being in middle school, I was constantly in “love” with some girl, and as I heard these songs, it seemed like they said exactly what I was feeling. The words, the melodies, the way the songs moved and flowed – everything seemed to be perfect.

Think about it – here I was a dorky little 12 year old boy who thought he was in love. How would I ever communicate that? With a chicken scratch love letter? Valentines candies? Googley eyes? Nope, nothing said it better than this:

Say you, say me
Say it for always
That’s the way it should be

Say you, say me
Say it together

I’m going somewhere with this, but I don’t want to blow you away with a huge post, so that’s all for now. But what about you? What was your first album & how did it say it better?

3 thoughts on “The Song says it Better (Part 1)

  1. James McLean

    i totally remember this album, it was all we had to listen to for awhile, lionel ritchie is the man!
    My first album? probably Stephen Curtis Chapman’s “Heaven in the Real World”
    love his lyrics!

  2. Vince

    There were three tapes that I wore out in my walkman
    dire straights – brothers in arms
    bon jovi – slippery when wet
    pink floyd – the wall

    they shaped my life

  3. Billy Chia

    In highschool I always spoke in “Green Day” (1039 Smoothed Out/Kerplunk/Dookie)with one my best friends who was a chick.

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