the other side of something


have you ever driven a specific route somewhere and then either tried a new route or had a friend show you a shortcut? this happened to me lately and i thought to myself
“wow! i have lived here for 2 years and never knew that if i took this road it would take me here”.

so that got me thinking about life and how sometimes we think people are one way and we make judgments, form opinions or stereotypes about them and distance ourselves from them never knowing the whole story. often we make decisions based on the circumstances, people and places that are around us and we always make decisions that are in our best interest.

what if we saw every person as someone “for whom Christ died”?
how would that change us?
what if we made decisions based off of the truth that God has given us and made ones in His best interest?

what the world calls ugly…God calls beautiful
what the world sees as weakness…God sees as strength
what the world rejects….God accepts
what the world gives up on….God gives a chance
what the world calls success….God calls a waste

when we really start connecting with God and listening to Him, we see the other side of something.

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