The Office: Dunder Mifflen Infinity

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Sitting here with Jen watching The Office

Scratch that… Blogging the morning after now. Anywho, another great The Office episode. Here are a few of my most favorite & memorable quotes from the evening:

So, sorry Tuna but if you don’t know why that’s awesome, then… you need awesome lessons. – Andy

Jim’s off the market. Guess who just became the best looking, single guy in the office? – Andy

Hello Mr. Sonny Crockett. I’m Tubbs. – Michael

Couldn’t see your hands. – Phyllis

So older people have just as many rights as younger people. – Michael

Yes! Cash basket! Nice work Jim. – Andy

I would like to see a website deliver baskets of food to people. – Michael

Hey bra’. I’ve been meaning to ask you. Can we get some Red Bull for these things? Sometimes a guy’s gotta ride the bull. Am I right? Later skater. – Creed

Our favorite thing about this episode? Creed’s hairdo!

What was your favorite quote/thing?

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5 thoughts on “The Office: Dunder Mifflen Infinity

  1. Steve Eller

    I just about fell on the floor when Creed walked in with the dark hair, and when he made the Red Bull comment. Hilarious episode.

    I love that they are starting the season with four hour long episodes!

    BTW: Is anyone starting to not like Ryan so much?

  2. Worship City

    Sometimes a guy’s gotta ride the bull. Am I right? Later skater. – Creed

    Stopped me dead in my tracks and nearly peed my pants!

    Steve did you ever really like Ryan in the 1st place??? I think it’s pretty spot on. I remember Business School when Ryan took Michael to speak at his college class and Ryan spent the intro on how Dunder Mifflin is going down and behind the times and is ‘over.’ It fits.
    Jans lil snub to Ryan was pretty hysterical as well! I can’t wait to watch this one again!

  3. bobby

    You know what was kinda funny and kinda weird about this episode? I saw these odd parallels to our church in a way. We’re in the process of sharing vision and moving forward. And I think some of the older people worry that it’s like we’re going against anything traditional at times.

    I know. Too deep for a comedy. Just found it interesting. made me think.

  4. alex

    seriously Bobby, that’s awesome. I see parallels every week!

  5. James McLean

    i would have to say that Dwight bringing that barn cat named garbage was a highlight for me, “he once killed a family of coons”.

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