The Office: Baby Shower

Well, I’m late. I missed blogging “Business Ethics”. But I’m trying to catch up with “Baby Shower”, which had to have been one of the classic episodes. Here’s some of my favorite quotes of the night.

Andy, would you like to have my baby? – Michael

I’m crowing, I’m crowing! – Dwight

Growing up I performed my own circumcision – Dwight

“As-tird?”, “I know I know, it’s beautiful” – Maradith & Michael

Andy’s facial expression when he see’s Angela’s baby picture (favorite moment of the episode)

You think my nipples don’t get sore too? – Stanley

Jan had the baby and there wasn’t anybody there to mark it. So the baby could be anybody’s… except Michaels – Dwight

If a baby were president there would be no taxes, there would be no war, there would be no government, things could get terrible. It’d actually be a better screenplay than a suggestion. – Michael

Ok, here we go.. Lion King! (as he lifts the car seat

I’m fine weirdo. You’re such an HR wierdo, try not to suck all the air out of there when you’re walking. – Michael

Who wants to guess when the baby will be born? – Kevin

$1200 for a stroller? psshhht. $1200 is what I spent on my whole bomb shelter! – Dwight

Must be like the tide at Omaha Beach – Creed (ew)

I need some advice from one baby daddy to another – Michael to Darryl

“You wanna hold me see how I feel?”, “…could I?” – Darryl/Michael

I was just going to talk to Holly, about… her hygiene. She smells like old tomatoes and… dirt – Michael

I could have done without the sappy phone message scene at the end, but I’m sure all the romantics loved it. At this point if you don’t have a very strong distatse for Jan, you’re probably not human – there’s some great awkward writing for her character, very uncomfortable.

Another thing about this episode is that I actually felt for Michael – who I usually don’t empathize with at all. His whole, holding a baby thing was actually touching. And when he hugged Jan I meant Holly at the end I almost cheered!

Found this little review that puts into words much better my thoughts:

When crazed whackadoodle Jan showed up and Michael reverted back to the beaten little man we remember from the “Dinner Party” episode, I figured it was going to be another par-for-the course water-treader. We all knew what was going to happen, right? Things like Jan doing something…

1. ..incredibly hurtful (like have the baby and not tell him). Check.

2. ..selfish (like stick the baby with Michael and go take a nap). Check.

3. kilter and weird (like singing “Son of a Preacher Man” at her baby shower). Check.

4. …jealous and controlling (like telling Michael not to date Holly). Check and double check.

Except that just when we were all ready to give this episode a B- for a solid but nothing special effort, Michael has a Jerry Maguire level epiphany, reverses course from what we expect him to do, and in sixty short seconds every person in America (who doesn’t watch CSI or like baseball) is doing an internal “awwww…”


And you should always read Conner’s recap’s every week.

In the words of my friend Karl: Good times!

2 thoughts on “The Office: Baby Shower

  1. Conner

    Yeah great episode. I’m assuming you mean when he hugged Holly at the end you almost cheered?
    You didn’t like the Jim/Pam phone call? I am a hopeless romantic. It’s another reason I loved this episode. The Michael/Jan/Holly actually upstaged Jim/Pam but I thought the phone call was a nice touch 🙂

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  2. alex

    Nice catch Conner… And yes, I didn’t like the Jim/Pam phone call. I need to work on that romance thing more, at least that’s what my wife says.

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