The More You Give…

I got my Tom’s Shoes yesterday and I was stoked! I’m gonna have to get used to them. They’re what I call little shoes. But I love ’em cuz of what they stand for and I love being a very, very small part of that. Here’s me trying to look cool – I know, I’m a goober, but I did pull off the behind the back camera shot!

Watched this Tom’s Shoes video and now I’m even more glad that I got some for father’s day. I love what he quotes in a different video, “The more you give, the more you live”. Oh man that is so true and I want to give more and more – it’s something I’m learning. I think I want to get my whole family a pair (or a couple!).

Check out the video:

Want to give props to Bobby for being the catalyst on this for me.

4 thoughts on “The More You Give…

  1. Kendra Watson

    That’s cool to see the video! Made me want to buy a pair for Melanie and Brando too…especially when I think of all the new shoes that they’ve had and look at some of those kids who had only had this one pair of shoes!! Thanks for the link :o) Kendra
    P.S. Did you take that pic in the ladies bathroom *LOL*

  2. Peter

    Love em’! Now I just need to talk Jami into letting me support the cause. ha!

  3. alex

    Kendra – amazing how similar the bathrooms look eh? I guess it would have been even cooler to take the pic in the women’s, but no, it’s the mens.

    Peter – take em back buddy, just for a day.

  4. Steve Gentry

    That is an amazing concept…This is something that could actually help people and raise awareness for poverty…My hard heart is actually touched…

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