The Homicide Report

I’m not really into watching the news, but Jen and I have a routine of watching the 11 O’Clock news together every night. And living in Southern California, it seems like there’s at least one reported a night, if not two or three. It’s really depressing, we find ourselves asking each other “why are we even watching this?”. I can’t even express how awkward it is to watch a newscaster with too much makeup on to switch from a horrendous murder/suicide story to Brittany Spears’ latest legal/wieght/drug/child/career problems. How callous we’ve become to the loss of life. That “person” was someone’s son or daughter, maybe a dad or a mom, a brother or sister, a friend, a life created by God. And with one small little metal object, their hopes and dreams are dashed forever, lives are ruined, people are hurt and damaged for years to come.

I found this very interesting blog that sparked this post. It’s called “The Homicide Report“, and it’s a woman who is following every murder that takes place in L.A. this year. Pretty amazing, especially since most of these people will never be remembered because they were gang members, poor, minorities, almost as if they deserved it – no one deserves it. I wonder how Jesus feels about these 700+ people who have been meaninglessly killed over the past year?

Why do we do this to each other?

5 thoughts on “The Homicide Report

  1. Jay Sellers

    I vaguely remember this Marilyn Manson quote from around the time of the Columbine shootings. He, of all people, said something about how the world isn’t getting more violent, it’s just getting more televised.

    There is this chart in my college Sociology book that shows a decline in violent crime since the 1970’s. A decline?!

    Brooke and I haven’t had cable in over 5 years and haven’t bothered to hook “rabbit ears” up to our t.v. since we cut the cord. I’d say my morale has improved.

  2. Rich Kirkpatrick

    Murder!? I love Halo 3, btw. Moving from a media market that was one of the smallest in CA to here in SoCal is very funny. Does news really need cleavage?

  3. alex mclean

    Rich, you must be talking about channel 9. Fake-a-rama… And yes, I must admit, I love killing whilst playing Halo 2, so there you go… I’m guilty.

  4. Chris Stout

    Halo 3, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Counter Strike, yup, I’m with you guys. This is why I tend to stick to CNN and FOX News. Local stuff is just too depressing.

  5. Jay Sellers

    Local news, heck. I was thinking about the war. Can you imagine the news reports during the Vietnam “Conflict”…

    “This just in, 1,208 troops died in combat today. I’m sorry, make that 1,677. No, 2,359. 3,421. The number keeps rising! Quick, back to you, Jane.”

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