The Fires get Closer!

Like I said earlier, we’re in Temecula, which seems to be in the eye of this firestorm that is engulfing Southern California. Here’s what I see from my home. (click on the pics for larger images)

That’s one fire somewhere near Rainbow I think.

I think this fire is actually 3 fires burning in De Luz.

I think this is the Running Springs/Lake Arrowhead fire.

This is what our vehicles were covered with.

Over a half-million people evacuated. Hundreds of homes lost. Hundreds of thousands of acres burned or burning. Winds blowing like mad all over socal. We’re running out of resources, and places for people to g and escape. Keep this situation in prayer.

Our church is working with another local church to help in anyway we can – check it out here.

And check out Rich’s blog for some more links on the fires.

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