The Best of Halloween

Our Family enjoyed a night of fun and candy in our local neighborhood, yup we celebrated Halloween. Jen’s dad was out from Alabama and he got a kick out of seeing the kids. Miles was a Power Ranger and Macy was a Pink Poodle. There some better pics from a previous post here.

Here’s some great Halloween posts from around the blogoshpere:

How was your Halloween?

4 thoughts on “The Best of Halloween

  1. eric

    Yeah… ours would have been great if someone hadn’t stood us up! jk… it was still great. But there was an extremely freaky block (the whole block) down the street. Scared the crap out of Joshua…

    He was sad that he didn’t get to hang out with Miles…

  2. bobby

    We had fun going to a couple different city events. But after a little sugar, Caleb was up screaming like every hour or so!

    Thanks for the posts you referenced. Really good thoughts there. May need to reciprocate some love from my blog.

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