The $6 Haircut

I know, it’s not too impressive; typical worship leader “fohawk”. The cool thing is that it only cost $6 measly dollars, which is by no means a small amount of dough – especially on a pastor’s salary (that’s like 2 Starbucks drinks!). Anyway I went to our local beauty college where I was transformed from a customer to a test patient. I didn’t really care though it was about 100 degrees out and I was about 2 weeks past due for a new do.

I was totally impressed with the process though – thus one of the reasons for this entry. I had a student cutting my hair and a teacher watching and fixing. As she taught I was getting schooled in the fine art of hair cutting – and she was a master. It almost reminded me of some old Kung Fu movie. This teacher could do anything, and she was so calm and confident. The student was nervous as anything, you’d think she was giving John Edwards a cut! She was great though a really nice girl – I think it’s one of my best haircuts ever, and my wife agrees.

An interesting conversation that we got into was the plans she had after she graduated. I asked “so do you go get a job at like a big name salon or do you go over to Supercuts or something?”. She said that they are encouraged to go to a Supercuts type place first and gain experience, build a clientele – then get into a nice fancy Salon, which they have to pay for their booth. Interesting, just something I had never thought about before.

That got me thinking about ministry (of course). I wonder how true that is in church culture? A person starts down the road to full time ministry, maybe graduates from a Bible College or Seminary (or maybe just starts as a volunteer). Then they get their foot in at a smaller church, maybe a church plant – they work there for a while, honing their skills, learning, gaining experience (building a clientele?), then they decide its time to run with the big dogs, or they get an offer from one of those big fancy churches… OK I know this is weird.

Are there Supercuts Churches? Churches that aren’t really top notch, but they get the job done. They’re kind of cookie cutter churches, they look and act and feel the same. They don’t do anything really interesting or unique or risky (pretty much the standard man/boy haircut). The menu doesn’t change much and staff turnover is pretty high, but they are together decently successfull…?

I don’t know, just a rambling thought.

2 thoughts on “The $6 Haircut

  1. "pink" mom

    Your thoughts are very insightful. You made me wonder about the “clientele” aspect. Would it be like a pastor or christian leader discipling, shepherding, and building a relationship with believers. In today’s speak, we call this mentoring. If a relationship such as this is established, aren’t there expectations and obligations between both the leader and the follower? Shouldn’t there be a long-term commitment? To get back to the analogy, shouldn’t the hair-stylist and the client develop a sence of trust and respect…an understanding that one can rely upon the other? I don’t see that happening too much today…especially in the supercut-churches. What about the client left whe the stylist one day disappears? The trust has been broken! Should the client forget about getting haircuts altogether and let his hair grow? Well…. now I’m rambling.

  2. alex

    While ministry is multi-layered and sometimes very complicated, I tend to agree with you. I think that the client has an obligation to the stylist and vice-versa. But, sometimes as styles change and fashions go in and out, the client or the stylist may change their tastes and therefor one must go somewhere else for their specific needs. Although if there is a close relationship, sometimes they can agree that the change is healthy and they can stick together through it… sometimes.

    As for continuing to get haircuts – that’s an obvious for me. Back to the church: God and his Word are never changing and always in style – and we are always in need of relationship with him and his people. So no, don’t ever stop getting haircuts! No stylist is perfect all the time…

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