Thanks again Transitionpete!

He’s an old blogging pal. And I’ve learned a lot from him. In fact I wrote a post entitled, “Thank You Pete” over a year ago (poked a little fun at him here). Spent a little time over at his blog today and found two more very cool things:

  1. twitter counter – what a cool little app? I put mine down below all the junk over on the right hand side there. By the way, if you’re not following me on twitter, you can go here and not miss a thing – I twitter religiously.
  2. – now this is cool. It’s a web 2.0 home for tracking your health/weight/goals, etc. This is just what I was looking for especially after writing this post. Go check it out and follow my progress. I also threw up the widget over there on the right.

So thanks again Pete!

4 thoughts on “Thanks again Transitionpete!

  1. alex

    I know Pete – it wasn’t THAT huge of a thing, but hey it was a thing! Thanks again.

    Brent – great chatting with ya yesterday.

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