Thank You Pete!

Transition Pete – he’s another great blogger. He really irks me though because I can’t figure out how to leave him comments, so I unintentionally let his blog stack up in my google reader, something like 22 posts. As I was going through the posts I was healthily rewarded. And now I reward you:

  1. blogossary
  2. 6 free videos (ok, they’re not great, but they are free)
  3. (free design stuff, .psd, .ai files, etc!)
  4. (inadvertently from Pete’s sidebar)

What a great day for me.

3 thoughts on “Thank You Pete!

  1. pete

    you’re welcome!

    i don’t get why some people can leave comments and others can’t. this issue has cropped up from time to time and it’s irking me too! i’ll be investigating to see about fixing this.

    and here i was, thinking that you were just a lurker.

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