TFWM Article: Performance

performanceOne of my favorite magazines is Technologies for Worship Magazine becuase they tend to have a good balance of spiritual and technical articles. Read this really good article in the Tool or Toys? section (July/August 2007) by Mike Overlin. It starts off with this satement:

I wish you were a better singer becuase you are an awesome Worship Leader!

Click on the graphic to read the article, or click here for a pdf.

One thought on “TFWM Article: Performance

  1. mandy

    such a true article!!!
    my pastor told me last week that I was the best worship leader he’d ever had (he’s only 32 & I’m only 28). i smiled & said “really, why?”…. he said it was because i had a soulful voice.
    honestly, i was disappointed by his well-intended compliment.
    my goal is not for those in the pews to leave church thinking they enjoyed my singing… my goal is for them to leave knowing that they’ve been in the presence of God and communicated to Him through song, prayer, and offering…. its not about the musical abilities. so much more goes into being a competent worship leader!

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