Teen Sex


Yeah that was for shock value.

So, I’m the big bad ‘executive pastor’ here at LifeChurch; still trying to figure out what that means. But right now we’re working hard on our Youth Ministry.

[sidenote: any of you youth guys – I’d love to know what’s working / what’s not right now for you]

Anywho – our Student Ministries Pastor is doing a series starting next week called “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!”. Needless to say, he invited all of our High School parents to a Q & A last night, and since last week was Youth Sunday, I decided to dovetail our Junior High into the meeting as well, and invited all parents and anyone who would be interested in investing in the life of a teen to come on Wednesday (last night). I pushed hard & told the story of how a volunteer youth leader really poured his life into mine, and that’s one reason why I’m where I’m at today. I shared this at the close of all four of our worship experiences – then had all our parents called and reminded. Take a wild guess at how many parent showed up?


Yup, out of over 150 students, 7 parents showed up. 7 parents showed interest and concern for the spiritual & sexual lives of their teens. Wow, I was blown away. Studies show that 1 in 4 6th graders are sexually active. STD’s are actually on the rise and many are potentially fatal. Internet Porn is a huge problem for both boys and girls. Sex has been sold as something that it was not created to be. Studies also show that 85% of students who enter college with a strong Christian faith, let go of it by the time they are out.

Here’s what this tells me:

  1. Parents don’t care enough
  2. Youth Ministry is a royal waste of time

Ok so I don’t really believe either of those, but you can see how I arrived at both those points.

  1.  Out of probably 350-400 adults that showed up this weekend, only 7 came to see what’s going on in our Youth Ministry. Now I understand that people are busy, have jobs, sports, what have you, but these are their kids – is a soccer game really more important than the spiritual health of their teens?
    I believe that parents do care, I just think that our lifestyle just has us running so hard and fast that it’s hard to slow down and really see what your priorities are.
  2. Is Youth Ministry really working? How do we define success? Getting teens saved? Keeping them from having sex? Keeping them away from drugs or cutting? Keeping them in a ‘Christian bubble’?

I told our parents and our entire church that our Youth Ministry will fail unless they are involved, committed, and deeply care about the spiritual health of the teens in this church. We’ve got a lot of work to do. What do you think about this?

6 thoughts on “Teen Sex

  1. alex

    Thanks Fred – Any conversation is going to be helpful.

  2. Vince

    I think youth ministry is not taken seriously by anyone. not youth, youth pastors, parents, the public, elder boards or anyone.

    the whole idea of this monster called youth ministry needs to be destroyed and rebuilt into something worthwhile.

    but who has the guts to stand up to all that tradition?

  3. James McLean

    i agree with Vince, most parents just want the church to babysit their kids and keep them in a good moral environment so that they can get back to their careers. C’mon church we gotta wake up! What are we doing with out lives? Why are we at church? We only get one shot, lets do this right! 🙂

  4. Chris Davis

    I’ve done evening events where I specifically invited the parents… made personal phone calls… sent out personal letters… and they both flopped. 2-3 parents came each time.

    We did a parent brunch and had about 20 parents show up. I don’t know why they were attracted the brunch instead of the evening event…?

    We’ve got a butt-load of work to do when 1 out of every 4 teenage girl has a sexually transmitted disease.

    I last spoke specifically on sex back in February. I focused more so on the aspect of purity of heart not just abstaining from sex. The feedback I received from that was quite positive.

  5. eric

    According to Ron Luce, statistics show that if we continue at the rate we’re going only 4% of this generation will be Bible Believing Christians.

    If that’s true, then we definitely need to do something different… however, I believe that what we need to do different is teach the kids… no, the student leaders in our Churches to do something different. We can’t do it, but they can.

    We need a student lead revolution…

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