7 thoughts on “Tech Confessional 4

  1. Steve Eller

    Hey Alex! i thought i would check out your blog as well. Aviom system! I am coveting. 🙂 A&H rocks! We are using a MixWizard 16 for our wired in-ears. Great pre’s!

    I have added you to my blogroll as well.


  2. Chris

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for watching! I wish I could say that I’m as happy with our A&H as you’re yours. We have a GL3000 which is not that bad of a board I suppose, but I think she’s had a hard life. I really love our Midas Venice, but she doesn’t have the Aux’s that we need for our Aviom Rig.

    I checked out your WC and I love your transitions! Totally awesome! You guys rock and the kids were awesome too!

    Talk to you soon! – Chris

  3. Steve Eller

    ah, your blog has multiple authors, or does it? thanks for the props.

    On your Midas board – Does it have direct outs on each channel, or inserts that you could run a TRS cable halfway out to run to your Aviom Rig?

    I would love to run an Aviom setup. We are a relatively young church, and don’t have the cash to make it happen…yet.

    We don’t use any wedges, but we do have a wired in-ear system that we created. What we do is use an A&H MixWizard 16 (like I mentioned before), and two Behringer (don’t mock me) headphone amps. Then I opened up the board and switched all of the auxs to pre, giving us 7 mixes (6 auxes, and the stereo outs, for the worship leader of course 🙂 ). All the mic inputs go to the A&H board, and then I have some recording snakes going out of each channels direct outs to the FOH snake. The thing that is great is that we still have the inserts which I pull halfway out on each channel and run to my Echo interface which gives me 12ch for live recording on my Macbook. A mess but it works great!

    I have found the only drawback to in-ears is if you ever have guest artists. They always seem to want wedges!


  4. alex

    Wow Steve – that’s pretty deep. I’m sure Chris will appreciate this comment. And yeah, me, Chris, and my brother James all post here, although I am probably the most active.

  5. Chris

    You know, I was doing some research today and was just thinking about direct outs. I know that on the A&H boards they are pre-faders. That wouldn’t be that bad of an idea if our midas has them. I do know that it has inserts but that’s how we run our limiters and gates. So not sure that will work out the way I want it too.

    Yeah, Alex is addicted to blogging and I’m addicted to his blog! lol. If you have a moment, check out all the WC’s and you get to see us all!

    alright, time for bed. later guys.

  6. Chris Stout

    So, did some research, our Midas DOES have Direct Out’s, and I believe they are pre’s. SO…we’ll give it a shot.

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