3 thoughts on “Tech Confessional #1

  1. Jay Sellers

    You had me at U2.

    Aviom tip from today’s experience:

    Everyone on the rhythm section must be using Avioms at the same time or you have this microsecond latency between those in-ear and those using monitors.

    …or at least that was our excuse for playing out of the pocket this weekend.

    I used them for years at my former church and couldn’t live without them because I had to mic my amp in the bathroom to cut the stage noise. I moved my amp behind our curtain this weekend and used the Aviom to avoid putting my guitar in the floor wedge. It appeared that my strumming was tight with the drummer when I was in-ear, but the beat was sloppy when I pulled them out and listened to the whole band in the house and/or monitors.

    Next stop, bass player and the other guitar player in-ear!

  2. Chris Stout

    So, as long as they’re all using avioms, we should be fine right? Even if they are using one for a wedge and one for in-ears? We’re going to be pretty much set-up half and half with the ultimate goal of being all in-ear. If for some reason we have a new player who has to have a wedge, we can accomodate while still hooked up to the AVIOM system.

    I wonder how your setup is. Maybe there was some DSP or some sort of delay between the main and aux outs. Hmm…I’m sure nobody noticed in the house though!

    Thanks for the info! I wasn’t sure anyone would actually watch the thing!

  3. Chris Stout


    I posted this video on myspace.com, and they removed it for Copyright Infringement. What is that all about? They didn’t remove any of the others that I posted up there!

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