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Here are some fun things to do with Twitter. (If you are saying right now, “what is twitter?”, then go watch this video.)

1. TwitterWheel. This site takes all your twitter friends and displays them so you can see who of your friends are friends with each other. ht: wfyoung3

2. Twittervision. This site is a world map that shows the latest tweets & where they’re from. It’s a little weird/voyeuristic, but kind of addicting as well. Looks like you might have to setup your location for you to get in on the action, not quite sure tho.
3. Eat Sleep Tweet T-shirt. Click here to check it out, only $5! (shipping is a bummer tho).

tweetstats twitter
4. TweetStats. Just a fun stats checker for your Twitter account.

5. Twitter Chart. Another Twitter stats checker, not quite as colorful and intuitive as TweetStats. ht: Los

6. TwitPic. This tool allows you to upload pics taken on your cellphone directly as a tweet. Pretty cool, and becoming unhealthily popular! I just wish it worked with Sprint picture mail, cuz I can’t use it and it bugs the heck out of me.

7. Twinkle. A cool app just for iPhones (I think). Too bad I can’t use this one either, cuz I don’t have an iPhone. Here’s a pretty interesting article on it.

8. This is just plain useless but interesting. It’s a site that shows tweets coming through in real time. It’s pretty insane! ht: onecatbiz

An interesting post with more Twitter stuff here. Another here. Know of more fun stuff to do with Twitter? Leave a comment please!

Yes, I’ve been twittering for a while now – lately I’ve got back into it again after downloading twitterific, which by the way is a supercool little ap. Twitter is yet another social networking tool/site. It allows you to update your status, ex: “stuck in another long staff meeting”, or “getting a ticket for driving through a closed road”. Then people can either see these “tweets” (updates), via your twitter page, or you can install a twitter plugin in your blog (like I have on the right), or you can use a program like twitterific. So basically people can keep tabs on you not just from post to post on a blog, but from tweet to tweet throughout the day.

My favorite feature is the SMS functionality. You can simply text text message twitter with your latest update and boom, just like that it’s up on the world wide web for all to see. Another great feature is the “follow” feature, where you can easily follow other twitters and get their updates throughout the day. For example, I knew that Fred watched American Idol while eating ice cream tonight. Why would I want to know that you might ask? I have absolutely no idea, but it’s cool.

Here’s my twitter page.

And here’s the twitters that I am following: Terry, Leo Laporte, Chris, Steve, Chris Stout, Los, James, Pete, Vince, Jeff, Fred, Rich, Bobby, & Victor

So, do you tweet?