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mad-churchThis Monday (yes, it’s a holiday) night, we’ll be heading out to Irvine to Mariners Church to hang with Anne, Shaun, and many Socal bloggers and twitters for this FREE event!

I’m looking forward to:

  • Have a fun night out with my wife (no kids! anyone know a free babysitter?)
  • Meet some bloggers and twitters that I’ve been talking to online, in real life!
  • Hear some great music
  • Meet the famous Flowerdust face to face
  • Get a free book?

Who’s coming? Let’s do a role call here at betterthanblank… leave your twitter link and let’s do some #madchurchsocal twittering.

This election was pretty interesting, especially in the use of social media/web 2.0. I think one of the coolest things about what has happened over the past few years is the web has brought us closer to the action – inviting us to participate more. Some would argue that social media has caused us to be isolated behind a 15 inch screen, I disagree. Not being a big political person – I’ve been drawn into the discussion and actually look forward to conversing and learning more and more – because I’ve been invited to be a part of the discussion; I almost feel like I’ve been given a ‘behind the scenes’ pass to what’s happened over the past few months.
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I don’t have TV. Today is a day where I wish I did, actually… I take that back, maybe I’m glad I don’t. So I’ll be tracking this days events online. Here’s a few places where I’ll be spending some time:

  • Found this this cool tool on – it tracks whatever electection race you are interested in by issue, state, prop, etc. I’m currently tracking the presidential election and prop’s 4 & 8. Go check it out.
  • Gonna watch a little local FOX news – I know, it’s FOX news, but it’s local and they’re fun.
  • And of course Twitter is alive and well today with all kinds of election day fun!
  • And lastly I gotta give my mom’s props by checking in with throughout the day (our local newspaper).

I’m surprised that I’m this excited/enthralled with the election – it’s kind of weird! How are you tracking election day?

Many of you (337 to be exact) follow me on Twitter. Many of you don’t. For those who don’t, let me just say you are missing out! Twitter has been called a ‘micro-blog’ – it’s 140 character updates. What you’re doing, funny sightings, information sharing, etc. It’s alive, and just another great way to be social. One of my favorite functions of Twitter is a little application called Twitpic. It allows you to snap a photo on your phone and share it with the world in a matter of seconds. Simply amazing.

So here’s some of my Twitpic’s that you’ve missed out on if you don’t Twitter (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?).

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