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I won’t get into details, but as many of you know, ministry is not the most lucrative career, and a family of four in Southern California with a (wonderful) stay at home (working) mom just doesn’t cut it sometimes – so we are looking at every way possible to cut. Today we jumped off a pretty big cliff:

– No TV (Dish DVR)
– No High-Speed Internet

I know, it feels like we are living in the stone age now! But we’re cutting everywhere we can – and these were some of the last things to go (gonna save us about $100 or so a month). What’s worse is that no one around me has any wireless that I could jump on every once in a while (which of course would be stealing). I think God is probably teaching us that we don’t need these “things” to be a normal, happy, functioning family.

The blogging will continue, and the twittering; I’ll just have to be a little more creative. Why do I feel like I’m unplugging from the Matrix?

locke.jpgBen is crafty, Locke is pissed.

Freckles doesn’t trust James (is Kate pregnant?).

Flash forward: Kate’s back in prison. (I wonder how she gets out of this one?)

Locke killed a chicken. “If I was a dictator I would just shoot you and go on with my day… Dinner’s at 6”.

Hurley: “You just totally Scooby Doo’d me didn’t you?”

Miles give me the creeps, so does the guy he wants one minute’s time with.

Kate has a SON? OMG!
He will bring tremendous sympathy – this tells me that Kate’s son is suffering with some kind of disability, birth defect, mental illness – something from being conceived on the island.

Dr. Shepherd swears to tell the truth (this is gonna be good). Jack said “crash landed”, not “crashed”, hmmm.
“Only 8 of survived the crash – we landed in the water – I was hurt pretty bad…” come on Jack, you liar! (but please, keep talking!).
“She tried to save the other 2 but they didn’t…” (Jack get’s cut off by Kate) COME ON KATE! Let him finish the story!).

Sawyer: “I know it’s in a box, but pretty damn good wine”.

Sawyer: “If Hugo knows, everybody knows”.

Uh-oh, Miles is gone – Locke’s pissed again.

Ben: “3.2 million dollars? Why not 3.3 or 3.4?”

Miles knows that Kate is a bad girl.

(I say to Jen: “This is a big episode”. Jen shakes her head.)

Uh-oh, where’d the helicopter go?

Man, Locke is really pissed now!

Kate’s not pregnant? (she’s a case, no wait Sawyer’s a case, no wait they both are)… SLAP! (that hurt).

Kate’s home free!

Kate: “You know Jack, I’ve heard you say that story so many times – I’m starting to think you believe it”.

Jack still loves Kate.

Jack doesn’t want to see the baby. Kate wants him to – then they could live happily ever after…
I think Jack doesn’t want to see it cuz he can’t fix it.
Jen thinks it’s because it’s Sawyers.

Will we see him?…

(I say, “Is it Aaron?”)

IT’S AARON! We were BOTH wrong!

What an episode, oh my. We think that was probably the best one of the season.

What did you think?

As usual, here’s Conner’s thoughts.

simon.jpgJen and I love watching American Idol, and we love Simon. I know, he’s polarizing too – you either love him or hate him. What’s funny is that as people are performing, we are talking back and forth to each other, wondering what Simon will say. And we are usually right – and of course we think Simon is usually right. Is he a little rough and overtly honest? Yup, but at least he’s gonna tell you how it is.

My favorite Simon quote from last night?

While talking to Kady Malloy: “I don’t know who you could get to impersonate you… a pencil?”

Love him or hate him?

PS – Our predictions:

Guys going home this week: Garrett & Luke
Girls going home this week: Joanne &  Amy


Maybe you thought it was something like the amazing worship from the day, or the message touched me, or that I was wiped out from a day of ministry. Not so my friends…

It’s Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition gang. Yep, I’m a sucker for this show. After putting the kids to bed, me and Jen pull up a blanket, rewind the DVR and catch up on our favorite feel good show. I’m not gonna lie, about 20 times during the show I have to pretend I’m yawning, or have something in my eye so that Jen doesn’t catch me in tears. If you watch this show and don’t feel some sort of emotion then you’re not a human being. If I could get a job on this show I think I’d consider changing careers.

I’ve found that this show polarizes people; they either love it or hate it.  What about you? Do you watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition?