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Well, I’m late. I missed blogging “Business Ethics”. But I’m trying to catch up with “Baby Shower”, which had to have been one of the classic episodes. Here’s some of my favorite quotes of the night.

Andy, would you like to have my baby? – Michael

I’m crowing, I’m crowing! – Dwight

Growing up I performed my own circumcision – Dwight

“As-tird?”, “I know I know, it’s beautiful” – Maradith & Michael

Andy’s facial expression when he see’s Angela’s baby picture (favorite moment of the episode)

You think my nipples don’t get sore too? – Stanley

Jan had the baby and there wasn’t anybody there to mark it. So the baby could be anybody’s… except Michaels – Dwight

If a baby were president there would be no taxes, there would be no war, there would be no government, things could get terrible. It’d actually be a better screenplay than a suggestion. – Michael

Ok, here we go.. Lion King! (as he lifts the car seat

I’m fine weirdo. You’re such an HR wierdo, try not to suck all the air out of there when you’re walking. – Michael

Who wants to guess when the baby will be born? – Kevin

$1200 for a stroller? psshhht. $1200 is what I spent on my whole bomb shelter! – Dwight

Must be like the tide at Omaha Beach – Creed (ew)

I need some advice from one baby daddy to another – Michael to Darryl

“You wanna hold me see how I feel?”, “…could I?” – Darryl/Michael

I was just going to talk to Holly, about… her hygiene. She smells like old tomatoes and… dirt – Michael

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Well, here we are, the day we’ve been waiting for! Last year we celebrated this monumental event with a party. This year, I watched The Office at home on my laptop, and Jen watched it in Catalina on her laptop (she’s working there this weekend). We both were dying watching it, and we will watch it again together when she gets back.

Also last year Conner and I traded back & forth, blogging through the episodes. He’s at it again! I got a tweet from Steve today asking if I’d be doing my live blogging through the office, and yes (sort of) I’m back at it again as well (we don’t have TV, so I’ll be doing mine via Hulu).

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I’ll start this off with a little TV history for our family. When we got married 8 years ago, Jen and I didn’t have TV for the first few years. We were those people who, when everybody was talking about how funny Seinfeld was, and how awesome Friends was – we just kind of stood there looking blankly at each other. Then Jen got pregnant with Miles and got bored at home, so we decided to jump in. We jumped in softy, just basic cable; no worries.

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While Jen and I were watching the McCain/Palin Rally, she noticed something that I couldn’t put my finger on… See if you can see the resemblance:

Yup, our new VP could be a Tina Fey look-a-like, and that can’t be a bad thing! As huge SNL fans, and I myself a closet 30 Rock fan, it will be interesting to see how this major development affects the campaign!

For more fun, check out John’s post on Obama’s running mate’s look alike.