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Mark Gungor at Rancho Community Temecula

Today I read Karl’s blog and remembered when he used to not blog. And I used to bug everybody (and I mean everybody) about blogging. Oh how the tables have turned. I feel like I need to stand up and say, “My name is Alex and I haven’t blogged in a month”.

I used to do mind-dumps when I didn’t have something really well thought out. So, inspired by Karl, here we go.

  • I got to hang out @ranchocommunity all weekend, I did the updates and introduced Mark Gungor a couple times, which was cool.
  • The Superbowl was kind of a let down. I went from rooting for the Giants (because I’ve always disliked the Patriots), to pulling for the Patriots because Miles was so into them. He knows the team, runs around talking about Welker, Gronk, Hernandez, Woodhead, Green-Ellis, etc.
  • Learned about the sad but inspiring story of former Saint’s safety, Steve Gleason.
  • I thought the story about Vince Wilfork was excellent too.
  • Learned more about Matt Barkley – I already was a fan because of the fact that he didn’t go pro, and how he did it:
    “Barkley, 21, informed Kiffin and the rest of the coaching staff at his Newport Beach home on Wednesday evening about his decision. He presented Kiffin with an ornament that said, “One More Year.” Kiffin said at the conclusion of USC’s season last month that the only way Barkley would return to school would be if he decided to be a “special Trojan” and put the university’s interests ahead of his own. That’s what he did Thursday, Kiffin said.” (maybe I’ll become a USC fan?)
  • Kind of cool to watch Xenia, Jeff, Karl, Brian, Kevin & others from our town on NBC filmed at Rancho.
  • As for the commercials… this was my only favorite.
  • I desperately need a haircut.
  • We’re a couple weeks away from becoming a family of six! I never dreamed that would happen and am so thankful for our family – and my wife is A-MA-ZING!
And finally, courtesy of Karl’s inspiration, enjoy some David Gilmore:

This week and weekend at Rancho Community were insane. Flat out insane.

  • Our school is growing in the middle of a recession.
  • Our first inaugural High School football team is 3-0.
  • I get to help brand this school and it’s teams – we’re having so much fun!
  • Our church has two very healthy campuses and a church plant and I get to help dream of more!
  • I get to oversee the worship teams at Rancho and I’ve watched them grow and develop so much over the past year, and watched our church engage like never before.
  • I get to help develop designs (series art, stage design, spirit wear, etc.), communication tools (facebook, twitter, websites, working with local press, etc.), and growth & organization tools to help Rancho grow.

I also get the opportunity to work with some crazy talented, and humble people, people like (in no particular order):

  • Scott Treadway, our lead pastor. Well, of course I’m going to put him first – he might read this! And anything I say will sound like I’m placating, but this guy’s the real deal – great communicator, great leader. (and sometimes he tweets).
  • Mike Johnson, our school’s superintendent – sounds all important, but he’s really a down-to-earth guy and a great friend.
  • Julianna Morlet, one of our worship leaders – who also happens to be a pretty dang talented blogger too.
  • Jeff Johnson, another one of our worship leaders – the guy who puts it all together.
  • Brian Howley, our Tech Arts Director – the guy who, with his team makes it all happen.
  • Ryan Beaver, one of my best friends who just so happens to be leading things over at our Murrieta Campus. (oh yeah, he doesn’t really tweet, or have a blog… yet.)
  • Chris Stout, another great friend & our Tech support in Murrieta – one of the nicest, hard-working guys I’ve ever met.
  • Marcy Rossi. Her ‘official’ title is ‘Executive Assistant’, but she builds, designs, imagines, and actually follows through. Let’s just say she built the 4D stage. by. her. self.
  • Don Hallworth, our Executive Pastor of Ministries – this guy’s got more wisdom in his pinky than most people do in their entire body.
  • Chad Fergerstrom, another one of our worship leaders – this guy brings order to chaos and makes Murrieta smooth every week.
  • Robert Powell, another worship leader – I’ve made it no secret, my favorite worship leader, of all time. Don’t be afraid of the beard! Seriously, a gifted guy.
  • Casey Riley, IT Director – this guy could probably do anything, and he’s here making things happen all over the place – crazy talented.
  • And some of our amazing worship team members: Travis, Emily, Tyson, Justin, Jules, Brian, Jason, Ashley, Eric, Mikey, Joe, Crystal-Lee, Madison, Andrew.
  • And of of course our tech team (many of whom I’ve yet to get to know!): Darrin, Randy, Michael, Dylan, John L, John J, Steven, Hanyu, Paul, Gary, Lance, Jeff, Adam & Matt.
  • Oh yeah and this weekend we had the illustrious Rich Kirkpatrick on keys in Murrieta!

There’s a lot more people who make our organization go-round, including tons of volunteers who serve faithfully every weekend. This weekend was just a good reminder of what a privilege it is to be a part of something like Rancho.

How was your weekend?


Our Church and School is getting ready to break ground on an athletic field on our property. Pretty exciting stuff like this needs to be celebrated and communicated in big and impacting ways. Thus: Big, giant banners.

These are 8′ x 12′ banners put end to end to make up the original 8′ x 36′ image. We did for a couple reasons. One, it just looks cool. Two, and more practical, we needed to be able to transport the sign, and three skids make that possible.

For anyone who is thinking of doing something like this here’s some bullet points:

  • Created in Photoshop (Illustrator would work just as well)
  • image
  • Created a file size that is 1/3 the print size (so it’s 32″ x 144″ at 300 dpi, CMYK – and yes, the file is over 1 Gig)
  • Once it was approved, I flattened the file and saved it as a .tiff (still over 1G), then archived it (zipped) and it was about 130Mb
  • Sent it off the printer with instructions to print three 96″ x 144″ banners with grommets.
  • Worked like a charm.

Some may ask, “Why big, giant banners?”

To that I say, “Great question”. When you see it in person, you get it. Our campus is extremely large, dozens of acres, I don’t even know. What we are doing, building a field, is something that a lot of people won’t “get” until it’s built. It’s hard to see something that doesn’t exist. So it’s my job to help amplify the vision of the project so that as many people as possible will “get” it, earlier rather than later. Big, giant banners scream to the community “this is for real”, “we are really doing this”, and for those who want, “you can be a part of making history” (we’re holding a fundraising auction for this project). This, in conjunction with press releases, printed media, announcements, etc, is just another way to let as many people as possible know what’s going on on our campus and continue to build excitement. Lastly, we’re holding a groundbreaking ceremony this week where our entire school and staff will be on hand for an historic photo with, you got it, the big, giant banners; they will frame shot, and forever tell a story.

PS – anyone looking for a local (Temecula, Ca) banner shop, I use Dave and Chris – both great guys, great companies, good prices and fun to work with.

chick fil a

If you know me, you know I’m a “Raving Fan” of Chick-fil-A. I’ve always been a fan – the food is great, the atmosphere is so positive, and like I’ve told my wife, I’ve never even had a “not great” experience there. When we go there and we’re fumbling around with the kids, their stuff, our stuff, trying to order, find a seat, and all that – it’s nice to have a smiling face and even nicer to have the food brought to the table.

When I first came to Rancho, I had this crazy idea of pulling our entire staff together to encourage them and remind them that we (church/school) are one team, with one vision and mission. I had just heard Dan Cathy speak at the Saddleback Worship Conference, and was blown away with his presentation; and, I remembered that Chick-fil-A had brought lunch to our VBS about a month earlier, so I called them up with two requests:

  1. How does one go about getting Dan Cathy to speak at an event?
  2. Would they be interested in feeding our staff?

Well, number two was easy for them as they just had to cook up 180 Chick-fil-A Sandwiches. Number one was a little bit harder – Dan Cathy lives in Georgia, so getting him out here was not that easy. However, Andrew (his son), works in Southern California and was available. He came and spoke and really made the day inspirational – talking about “Operational Excellence, 2nd Mile Service, and Emotional Connections”. We were so appreciative of Andrew and our local (Temecula) Chick-fil-A.

Below is a video (that I found on this post) that Chick-fil-A uses to train their employees. That’s all the introduction it needs:

Every Life Has A Story – Chick-fil-A from Dan T. Cathy on Vimeo.

Question: Do your employees see the value in making emotional connections with customers? Do you?


I don’t have a lot of time to blog lately, and tonight is no exception. But I did want to take a minute and share why I am a big Chick-fil-A fan.

I’ve always loved Chick-fil-A, ever since they came to Temecula & Murrieta; before that I had no idea what it was or even how to pronounce it. I loved the food, the service, the fun stuff they did, and just the over all experience. They always seemed to show up at conferences & church events with free food – I knew something was up. Then a couple months ago, I saw Dan Cathy share at the Saddleback Worship Conference about “Creating Raving Fans”, and I was mezmorized – I blogged about it.

After that short exposure to the Chick-fil-A model, I wondered if it would be possible to get him to come to Rancho Community to share with us and encourage our staff – it was shot in the dark. So I sent out an email and in my inbox was a response from our local Chick-fil-A saying that Dan’s son, Andrew was in Southern California and we could possibly get him to come. I was stoked to say the least. I responded and before I knew it we had Andrew booked to share with our entire staff, along with complimentary Chick-fil-A from our local Temecula store, run by Elizabeth Fritz – SCORE!


Needless to say, Andrew Cathy came and shared his heart with us and totally blew us away – I was so grateful. The staff from the Temecula store was amazing, as was the lunch! I recieved a copy of Truett Cathy’s “Eat More Chickin…”, which I am currently reading, and was just energized to continue in my role – to do the best and really go the extra mile for people.

Today (Labor Day), we decided to do something fun with the kids, and the first thing to come to my mind was, Chick-fil-A. Little did we know that today was “wear your team jersey and get a free Chick-fil-A sandwich”. We missed the mem0 and when we got there, the line was out the door, but we were committed. As usual we had an amazing experience, great food & great service. We saw about 3 other people we knew from the community, which is so cool. And the older man that roams the restaurant gave Miles and Macy 2 free Kids Meal tickets. This place knows how to “Create Raving Fans”.

So I just want to send out some props to Chick-fil-A, Andrew, Dan, Elizabeth, Mary-Joe, and the whole Temecula team. Thank you so much, you’ve got a family of fans for life!