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150129-martin-pistorius-hospitalI watched this Ted Talk today and was absolutely blown away… I can’t even imagine the horror of being trapped inside your own body. Then to hear some of the unthinkable things that this man experienced during that time – it’s heartbreaking. But what is really heartbreaking is that it took a talk like this for me to even think about people like Martin Pistorius in this way – and by “this way” I just mean, considering what is going on in the minds and bodies of those people who have kind of been given up on – what if they are like Martin, trapped in their own bodies… and worse how many are suffering from some type of abuse (which is absolutely unthinkable and horrifying – who is standing in the gap for them?)

I think everyone should watch this and have their minds expanded with what Martin Pistorius has to say.

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I’ve recently rediscovered podcasts and have been listening to quite a few TED Talks. The one’s I find most interesting are talks on education –  probably because I’m indirectly involved in the conversation at Rancho Christian Schools. And the fact that I have four children. And the fact that I love to learn – but I don’t do well sitting in a classroom environment. So a lot of these talks that I’ve been listening to deal directly with how the education paradigm is changing (or needs to).

If I want to learn about the American Revolutionary War, I can Google it and immediately have expert content in various medias right in front of me: books, talks, maps, videos, artifacts, arguments, etc. I find that fascinating…

What will it be tomorrow? Could it be that we don’t need to go to school at all? Could it be that, at the point in time when you need to know something, you can find out in two minutes? Could it be — a devastating question, a question that was framed for me by Nicholas Negroponte — could it be that we are heading towards or maybe in a future where knowing is obsolete? But that’s terrible. We are homo sapiens. Knowing, that’s what distinguishes us from the apes. But look at it this way. It took nature 100 million years to make the ape stand up and become Homo sapiens. It took us only 10,000 to make knowing obsolete. What an achievement that is. But we have to integrate that into our own future. –Sugata Mitra

I find this an intriguing subject in light of how technology has made information so easily available. Watching my 7 & 10 year old children – I have to ask myself the same questions. (and don’t get hung up on the 100 million years…) This is worth the watch: