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jingJing is a new freeware that allows you to easily capture images or videos (screencasts) from your screen, save them, upload them, share them, etc. For Mac or Pc, this is probably some of the coolest freeware I have seen in a while. I took this picture with Jing from my desktop. Check it out!

mac 2

Well, today I explored the handy remote control for the Powerbook Pro. I feel like Harry Potter or something – I found the secret: Behold the Apple media nerve center!

Mac wins this round hands down (or hands free). I love this feature! You hit the menu button on your remote and as long as there’s nothing in the way of the IR signal (can someone say Bluetooth?) then your Mac becomes a media marvel jukebox! You can remotely scroll through pictures, music, videos, and DVD content. As long as your media is correctly stored on the computer then it is easily accessible through this process. With a couple clicks you can have a slideshow to show off your family pictures, or you can watch a movie, or you can click through your videos, TV shows, home movies, music, podcasts, and whatever else you’ve got in your library. VERY cool.

Now I don’t know but I imagine that Windows Media Center works a lot like this. So again the question is – is it worth it? You basically pay double for Powerbook Pro for the same thing on a Windows machine. Things are starting to add up on the Mac side though!

Thanks to the tone guru, I was introduced to digital worship, a great blog. I am mainly interested in the use of drum loops and samples in worship music – and this guy does a great job teaching and sharing how he does it – amazing videos & how to’s. It’s really priceless; worship leaders – check it out.


I just got inspired by watching a CNET video (if you don’t know what that is, you need to get with it here). This particular video had a great list of open source programs to replace the new Adobe CS3 Suite. So I thought I would be a nice guy and list out as many cool open source programs as possible, as well as other cool, fun, & productive sites & programs – a resource page! Check it out here or click on the Resource Center link at the top of the page.

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