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I spent a little time updating the resource center here at betterthanblank. I was researching how to cool off this MBP, when I found this very disturbing article. Then I found some resources to try and control the temperature of this monster, and was reminded to add the software to my resource center. So I added about a dozen new links to various categories. The page is basically a running list of cool sites I find that might be useful for web, design, getting things done, open source, ministry, etc.

Check it out! (for future reference, the link is on the right sidebar a couple sections down)

youversion Finally! I’ve been waiting to see what this is all about. It’s’s online Bible program. If I can remember correctly, I started using the Blue Letter Bible, then I moved to Bible Gateway, and most recently Ebible. But I’ve been stoked to see what had brewing behind the scenes. From what I can tell this is an online Bible program that also promotes community and personal study & devotion. Here’s what I noticed after a 10 minute test drive:

  • I couldn’t get the search feature to work
  • Right now they only have ASV, KJV, Word English Version, ESV, and an Arabic version (my favorite versions are The Message, NLT, and NASB)
  • You can star, tag, and email selections of scripture (very cool)
  • The format is 2 columns – on one side is the scripture, on the other is an interactive window with…
  • A Community tab – this looks like it will be like a sharing area, where relevant information is shared throughout the “community”. A reference to Matthew Henry’s Commentary came up on my screen.
  • A My Version tab – looks like this is where your starred and tagged information is stored, although I couldn’t get it to work.
  • A Journal tab – this is where you can write your own notes to go along with what you are reading or studying, very cool.

All in all the interface is totally Web 2.0 – very easy to navigate and very cool. Here’s my wish: A “You Version Widget”, where you could share what you are reading and what God is teaching you via the Journal tab in your personal blog.

Have you checked this out? If not, you might want to go check out this very cool happening on the web.

transmitJust purchased a new volume of video backgrounds for our media presentation. I know there is a healthy discussion around the web on whether or not to use video backgrounds – we’ve just decided it works for us. This volume called “Transmit 2” is put together by Simply Youth Ministry, and we purchased it from For $40 you get 40 looping videos (a way better deal than paying $8 a pop). Most of these are abstracts, which I tend to like more than “real” videos. I will warn you though that, in my opinion, about 6-8 of these are unusable in worship applications. According to the description, these were designed to go behind announcements for youth ministry, but they work perfect for a worship application, especially if you are using your screens as more a design element than just for words or IMAG. They also come in hand .mov format (as well as mpg’s and some other format I can’t remember now), which is perfect for our Pro-Presenter software which doesn’t like mpg’s or avi’s too well.

twitterYet another way to stay plugged in. Twitter is cool little site where you can either write or text message updates on pretty much anything. Limited to 140 characters, this site is meant for short little updates or blurbs. As you can see to the right at the top of the blog, I’m rockin’ the wordpress twitter plugin. This means that when I’m away from the computer, I can still keep all you faithful readers updated. As Keanu so eloquently put it, “I know Judo!”