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alex & bobbyDj & KarlToday we (me, Karl & DJ) ventured out to the mighty OC to Saddleback country, to hand with Bobby who was down from Santa Cruz. First it was off to Lake Elsinore to pick up DJ, then over the Ortegas. There was much talk of the 80’s, U2, Karl’s dreams with Mel Gibson, Family Guy, King of the Hill (bobby…?), The Office, Guinness, and our own crazy Staff Meeting stories.

I haven’t been out to Saddleback in a year or so, but I wasn’t worried about directions because I just figured that once we got near Purpose Driven Country there would be a gravitational pull that would just automatically suck us in… not so. Apparently we got lost, but not really – it just took us a half an hour longer to get there than we figured. (didn’t get a picture, but SB has a new entrance road called “Purpose Driven Road”)…

So we picked up Bobby and headed over to Wahoo’s Fish Tacos for a great time of connecting & conversation. Bobby filled us in on his new job up in Santa Cruz, and his views on the worship conference. We covered all the bases including but not limited to: guitar solo’s, Santa Cruz, Rick Warren, Erwin McManus, the CMA, Bobby’s church, Alex & Karl’s church, DJ’s church, Doug Paggit, Dan Kimball, Brian McLaren, Lincoln Brewster, Tommy Walker, Vicky Beeching, Phil Wickam, Steven Furtick, Victor Estrada, Rich Kirkpatrick, re-create, and a host of other topics.

It’s always great to hang with other worship leaders, pastors, musicians, & friends – thanks guys!