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mad-churchThis Monday (yes, it’s a holiday) night, we’ll be heading out to Irvine to Mariners Church to hang with Anne, Shaun, and many Socal bloggers and twitters for this FREE event!

I’m looking forward to:

  • Have a fun night out with my wife (no kids! anyone know a free babysitter?)
  • Meet some bloggers and twitters that I’ve been talking to online, in real life!
  • Hear some great music
  • Meet the famous Flowerdust face to face
  • Get a free book?

Who’s coming? Let’s do a role call here at betterthanblank… leave your twitter link and let’s do some #madchurchsocal twittering.

Mr. Ragamuffin posted this today & I thought it was a great idea – so I’m participating. Here’s what he said:

Whenever you ask people where they are FROM, there is always some followup statement that sounds something like…
“Oh, but I grew up in LA” or “Oh but I grew up in New York”.
Like they somehow must right the wrong in their lives that has led them to Des Moines, IA.
In order to cut down on the banter…
Where did you “grow up” and was your childhood culdesac as rad as the kids on E.T. had it?

So the official answer for me? I grew up in San Jose, Modesto, and Murrieta – all in California.

House #1 - 2828 Hostetter Road, San Jose

House #1 - 2828 Hostetter Road, San Jose

This was the house I was born in. It had a pool, clubhouse, 2 giant palm trees in the front – gone now. Pretty sad actually – my dad used to keep this place in impeccable condition.

House #2 - 3276 Farthing Way, San Jose

House #2 - 3276 Farthing Way, San Jose

I don’t know how long we lived here, probably till I was in 6th grade or so – then we moved to Modesto. I do remember a couple things about this place:

  • Our neighbors the Kerr’s – we used to play all day long outside.
  • Our neighbors the Morningstar’s – Al was a mechanic for those funky helicopter planes, and he would wash his classic Ford Thunderbird convertible like every day.
  • Some neighbors up the street had a huge sandbox that we used to blow up GI Joe’s in.
  • Me and my brother used to hike over to a creek about 1 mile away and play all day long. I always wanted to follow it up into the foothills, but never did.
  • We had a basset hound dog at this house that never stopped howling – it mysteriously disappeared.
House #3 - 522 Maze Blvd. Modesto

House #3 - 522 Maze Blvd. Modesto

This was our Modesto house. I have a love/hate relationship with Modesto. Had a lot of good memories there. This house was awesome because it was huge for one thing and it had like a 1/2 acre of land where we would go nuts on every day. While we lived in Mo-town, I went to Modesto Christian School for Junior High, Big Valley Grace for church, and then to Modesto High for 9th & 10th grades.

House #4 - 24738 Leafwood Drive, Murrieta

House #4 - 24738 Leafwood Drive, Murrieta

And this is where we lived when we moved down to SoCal. Of course we lived in a couple little places before this – but this is where we landed. I lived here until I moved out basically. Built a room in the garage – it was pretty sweet. My parents still live here today.

So, that’s where I grew up. How about you?

We’ve been getting the itch to go on a road trip. But not just any road trip, a 5000 mile, 14 state, 15 day road trip! Now, we’re still not sure if this is really going to happen – but we’re moving ahead like it will.

Here’s a quick look at our plan, which of course is subject to change:

  • Day 1 – drive to Cedar City, Utah
  • Day 2 – drive to Stapleton, Colorado
  • Day 3 – in Stapleton
  • Day 4 – drive to Kansas City, Missouri (or all the way to St. Louis)
  • Day 5 – drive to St. Louis
  • Day 6 – drive to Decatur, Alabama
  • Day 7 – in Decatur
  • Day 8 – drive up to Nashville, Tennessee
  • Day 9 – drive to Mobile, Alabama
  • Day 10 – drive to New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Day 11 – drive to Dallas, Texas
  • Day 12 – in Dallas
  • Day 13 – drive to Amarillo, Texas
  • Day 14 – drive to Phoenix, Arizona
  • Day 15 – drive back to SoCal

We want to reach out to our blogging friends and ask for your help:

  • If you live in or near some of these areas, what are some ‘must see’ things? We’re looking for fun things to do as a family, funky places to check out, you know what I mean…
  • Maybe you live in some of our stops and just want to do a quick meet up? We’re looking forward to meeting some of our blogging friends face to face.
  • Any advice on taking a 6 year old and a 3 year old across 5,000 miles of Americana?
  • And lastly, my birthday is March 10 – we think we’ll celebrate in Nashville on Monday, March 9. We’re hoping to hook up with whoever is around the area that evening and just hang out.

So, I’m setting up a Road Trip page where we’ll keep everyone updated on the preparation & the trip – of course we’ll twitter all the way as well. Chris is gonna let me borrow his D90 so we should get some sweet photos. Please feel free to either comment here, or there.

I know, SURPRISE! For you who follow, yer probably like, ‘wait a second, I thought he just GOT a job?!’. And you’re right – I did. But a couple weeks ago I met a really cool guy and I didn’t realize it at the time, but he just lost his job. So I thought since this blog is a huge mecca of social networking (read: sarcasm), I’d post this and see what happens. Really though – here’s a guy who needs a job, or some work, or some prayer, or some support – actually all of the above. Maybe we can help? Let’s watch what God does with his life…

Elaina and I

Oh yeah, his name is Adrian Rodriguez and you can check out his crazy skills here, follow him on twitter here, and facebook him here. Spread the word people.