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Well, I’m 2 weeks into my new position at Rancho Community Church & Schools. Everyone wants to know what I ‘do’. So here’s a couple examples of the graphic design & web part of my job.

This was a rather quick promotion screen graphic for an event for our Women’s ministry.

This was a flyer for our Christian Schools. I admit it looks a little old school (no pun intended), but I think it still turned out good & clean. There were a couple additions that I might not have added that make it a little busy.

And the big job I’m still working on is a completely new website for our Christian Schools, which is comprised of four separate schools (preschool, elementary, middle, high schools). All but one needs a logo/brand, and the whole site needed to be built from the ground up and super quickly. So I used WordPress and a Woo Theme. Still lot’s of work to do but it’s up and functional for now – we’ll probably button it up and make a big deal out of it by the end of next week. (and yes, there’s a lot of stuff going on here – it’s mostly place holders until we can get our own photos).

I’d love some healthy feedback on any of these projects & I plan on posting as much of what I do as I can (that’s why I call it a ‘Design Confessional’. I want to get better and stay ‘with it’ while still being effective. So let me know what you think, please!