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Our Church and School is getting ready to break ground on an athletic field on our property. Pretty exciting stuff like this needs to be celebrated and communicated in big and impacting ways. Thus: Big, giant banners.

These are 8′ x 12′ banners put end to end to make up the original 8′ x 36′ image. We did for a couple reasons. One, it just looks cool. Two, and more practical, we needed to be able to transport the sign, and three skids make that possible.

For anyone who is thinking of doing something like this here’s some bullet points:

  • Created in Photoshop (Illustrator would work just as well)
  • image
  • Created a file size that is 1/3 the print size (so it’s 32″ x 144″ at 300 dpi, CMYK – and yes, the file is over 1 Gig)
  • Once it was approved, I flattened the file and saved it as a .tiff (still over 1G), then archived it (zipped) and it was about 130Mb
  • Sent it off the printer with instructions to print three 96″ x 144″ banners with grommets.
  • Worked like a charm.

Some may ask, “Why big, giant banners?”

To that I say, “Great question”. When you see it in person, you get it. Our campus is extremely large, dozens of acres, I don’t even know. What we are doing, building a field, is something that a lot of people won’t “get” until it’s built. It’s hard to see something that doesn’t exist. So it’s my job to help amplify the vision of the project so that as many people as possible will “get” it, earlier rather than later. Big, giant banners scream to the community “this is for real”, “we are really doing this”, and for those who want, “you can be a part of making history” (we’re holding a fundraising auction for this project). This, in conjunction with press releases, printed media, announcements, etc, is just another way to let as many people as possible know what’s going on on our campus and continue to build excitement. Lastly, we’re holding a groundbreaking ceremony this week where our entire school and staff will be on hand for an historic photo with, you got it, the big, giant banners; they will frame shot, and forever tell a story.

PS – anyone looking for a local (Temecula, Ca) banner shop, I use Dave and Chris – both great guys, great companies, good prices and fun to work with.


Click for Full Size

I’m currently attending Antioch Bible College at Rancho Community. This is my second year and I’m currently going thru the “Habits of the Heart” course. In our cohort we’re spending a lot of time discussing things like, how we study, what we read, how we spend our time, which spiritual disciplines do we participate in, why, and how?

Tonight we continued a discussion from last week which touched on the idea of putting together a personal “time-line” to kind of map what God has done in our lives, how we were shaped, and how we are growing. I always like to see what I’m talking about, graphics help me understand and explain, so here’s my time-line in a graphic.

And here’s a little more detail in written form:

In what is labeled, “Sovereign Foundations”:

  • I was introduced to church through my parents at a very young age. I still remember attending “First Presbyterian Church of Milpitas“. I’m pretty sure I went to preschool there, attended VBS in the summers, and moved into “Milpitas Christian School” through 5th or 6th Grade.
  • I was introduced to Christ in a more mature way through the ministry of “Big Valley Grace Church” in Modesto, California. Rick Countryman was my youth pastor and through his ministry and a trip to Hume Lake Christian Camp, I made what I believe was my personal profession of faith. I also began personally studying the Bible and serving at church during this time.
  • Our family made a move to Southern California when I was in high school. During the following years I was not connected to a healthy church ministry and was not excited about growing spiritually. I call this my “walking away” period. I won’t bore anyone with details.

“Inner-Life Growth”

  • After a few years of not much direction, I spent a summer in ministry back at Big Valley Grace as a worship leader for their youth group. Then I came back to Southern California and began volunteering a Sunrise Christian Fellowship, a small church plant that my parents were attending in Murreita. Through serving for a couple years, I began to feel the call to further invest in ministry. I attended Calvary Chapel Bible College and became the youth pastor for Sunrise.
  • Marriage brought me into the next phase of my life. I began to learn how marriage and ministry work together and continued working a full time job and volunteer at Sunrise. It was in conversations with my wife that I first began to consider full-time ministry.
  • After a lot of prayer, advice, meeting, and talking, my wife and I decided to make a move into full-time ministry at a new church plant in Temecula called Life Church. This was an exciting time in our lives – we were a young family with one child and tons of time and energy to give to the ministry. we experienced a couple years of rapid growth and exciting ministry, had our second child, and made deep connections with people in our church.

“Ministry Maturing”

  • About three years into our time at Life Church, we began to experience some of the growing pains that come with a fast-growing church plant. I became the executive pastor, overseeing our staff. I learned a ton, quickly. While I enjoyed a great deal of success,watching families come be introduced to Christ and the church, I also experienced great deal of frustration & burn-out. After about another year-and-a-half of conversations, prayer, and mentor’s advice, we made the heart-breaking decision to end our time there.
  • It was a week after I resigned that I got a call from Rancho Community Church. A long story short – we came to Rancho. My position was a little vague, but it had something to do with Communications, helping with parent communications at their Christian School (which I had experience in attending..), and helping with the “look & feel” of the church.
  • Since coming to Rancho, we’ve had our third child, helped rebrand the school and church, joined the executive team, and launched a brand new venue campus in Murrieta.

So, that’s my journey so far, laid out on this time-line. There’s three more categories that I haven’t reached yet. I’ll share those and some goals/ideas in Part 2.

This has been really helpful for me to see how God, from the very beginning has been preparing me for where I am at today. How he has given me opportunities to learn and grow – to have life-altering experiences on the way. For giving me a trusting and supportive wife, a beautiful family, and a place now to continue to grow, to learn, and to launch into the the next phase of my life.


My Desk

A large portion of my time is still taken up designing. It’s a love/hate relationship. I love designing, love great design, love creating something from nothing. It is tough trying to lead multiple teams, push initiatives through, attend meetings, and stay on top of things while trying to meet deadlines. All that said, here’s a look at a week’s worth of designs from my desk:

Above: This is a 24″ x 36″ Poster for Auction ticket sales. Interesting bit of trivia: this was designed and redesigned a few times as the name of the auction changed and the car changed from a corolla, to a scion, back to a mystery car, and back to a corolla.

Above: This is the front and back cover of the Corporate Sponsor piece for the Auction.

Above: This is the inside of the Corporate Sponsor piece for the Auction – looks much cooler than the outside. More trivia – I use this photo of our church, taken by the infamous Kenny Grill for almost every print piece I produce.

Above: This is a 3′ x 8′ Banner promoting our Football Camp (there’s actually three of them, they’ll be out on Temecula Parkway). Yes, that’s Terrell Davis, and yes, he’s a coach @ranchochristian.

Above: This is a monster of a banner, 36′ x 8′ to promote our new athletic field – can’t wait to see this on up! Bigger IS better.

Above: This is a simple ticket sales promotion banner (3′ x 8′), two of them actually. This is what happens when you get an email on Thursday asking if we can have banners by Saturday.

Above: The screen graphic for announcements at our Murrieta Campus @ranchomurrieta. I think it might be the biggest church-screen in the valley.

Above: And the Temecula version, for none other than the Temecula Campus of Rancho Community Church. That’s right, every graphic must be replicated.

Above: This is a screen graphic for a school performance – not gonna lie, I borrowed the background, did this in about 10 minutes.

Above: And the cover for the school program + another 10 minutes.

Above: A redesign of our church cryroom sign. Men, come on now, stop going into the cryroom, you’re freaking the women out! We can’t say it much friendlier than this.

Above: A redesign of our Welcome Center sign. Hint: we don’t really have a Welcome Center, it’s just a table outside of (guess where), yup, the cryroom (which we do have). Also, this replaces a sign in Rancho Community Church that currently reads, “Welcome to Connecting Point”. I know, crazy.

Above: And last but not least, a kid’s concert flyer. Yes, I used the sent graphic, I just added the top and bottom. That’s what happens when you give me a pre-designed poster.

And just in case you’re wondering: yes, this is typical week…


Picture 16

Tonight was Date Night with the kids. Miles & Jen went to see Shrek 4 in 3D. Macy & I went to the Father/Daughter Dance at Rancho Christian School. The dance was a huge success, over 200 dads and girls attending. It was so cool to see so many girls just having fun in a safe place where they could just be girls, with their dads.

When I got there with Macy, she immediately headed out to the dance floor, cast and all. I texted Jen, that she’s just like her mom – dancing with all her friends (just like Jen always does). I got a text back from Jen saying that “Miles is just like you, he loves the previews”. I laughed out loud – I DO love the previews, almost as much as the movie!

It’s so important for us to spend times like tonight with our kids, letting them know how much we love them, how important they are to us. Kudos to RCS for hosting this dance – I’ll be looking forward to it for years to come with Macy. And I’m blessed to have a wife that loves being a mom – she’s such a good mom!

PS – Jen didn’t like Shrek and doesn’t recommend it.