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branch wars
I do have to confess that this isn’t exactly “live bogging”, in the sense that I don’t blog while the show is on “live” – I’m usually at worship rehearsal. So, it’s usually Friday morning (my day off) that Jen and I get time to sit down and watch.

  • “I think I cut my penis on the lid!” – Dwight
  • “Pam, these finger sandwiches look finger lickin’ delicious” – Andy
  • “If we have to defend ourselves I will stab the security guy in the eye with the jumbo chalk” – Dwight
  • “You’ve been like an uncle tome, like a kind, old uncle Remus” – Andy to Stanley
  • “The eyes are the groin of the head” – Dwight (ht: Vince)

Ok, we had screaming kids, phone calls, chores and such interrupting this viewing which, by the way is a crime punishable by death in our household. I didn’t have the heart to harm any of my immediate family. But it actually worked out for the better because I may have missed getting some good quotes here on the blog, but there was actually one quote from this episode that was the quote to end all quotes, a line for the books (this is why writers should get paid more).


  • “Is he (Michael) some sort of secret genius? ha ha ha… Sometimes I say crazy things, ha ha ha” – Stanley

I found this article here, and thought is was a great little read on blogging. Since I am still relatively new, I am always looking for advice on how to blog better. Check this abbreviated version out, then go read the original article.

  1. Not blogging on self-hosted blogs
  2. Not blogging out of passion, but out of lust for money
  3. Design cluttering
  4. Commenting issues
  5. Stats show off
  6. Bad content and text formating
  7. Early monetization

I thought this was a great article – especially for those of us who are still learning. How are you doing on these issues?

Leaders and Managers (we need both). Here are the characteristics of “Managers”.

  • Conceptualize plans by working from the past to the present
  • Embrace a micro perspective, a snapshot
  • Favor routine thinking
  • Protector of the status quo
  • Emphasis on how and when
  • Controlling and directing
  • Threatened by change
  • Move slowly
  • Avoid risks
  • Actions limited by available resources
  • System Centered
  • Plan Centered
  • People’s approval is a need

I figure I am about 60% Leader and 40% Manager. I think like a leader, but plan like a manager.

Here are some additional quotes from this section of teaching:

Managers need approval – why not give it to them? Notes of praise, spending time, public approval.

Managers tend to ask “Why?”. This is not neccessarily a question of authority, managers just like to know the why – so tell them in a simple way.

Managers need to “Buy in” first (the “what” and “why”), then they can figure out the “how” and “when”

(continue to Part 4)

Continuing my notes from Fuel 2007 with Dr. Samuel Chand:

It’s important that we understand that we need both Leaders and Managers.

Here’s the characteristics of Leaders:

  • Conceptualize outcome by working from the future back to the present
  • Embrace a Macro perspective
  • Favor innovative thinking
  • Revolutionary flair
  • Emphasis on the what and the why
  • Inspiring and motivating
  • Excited by change
  • Move quickly
  • Identify opportunities
  • Take risks
  • Pursue acquisition of resources
  • People centered
  • People’s approval is a want (not necessarily a need)

Check this quote out: “Those who know how will always work for those who know why”. Think about it.

Part 3: Characteristics of Managers

So Jen signed us up for a local leadership conference called “Fuel 2007” put on by another local pastor & friend Troy Sheeded of Generations Church. I wasn’t really getting my hopes up, as I have been to a ton of conferences and usually they are sleepers with a little nugget of content that is worth about $100 of the $500 cost. Sorry I guess I’m a little jaded.

The past evening and today were a pleasant surprise, actually more than that. This was probably the best conference I have ever attended when it comes to pure content. I’ve been to one’s that have thousands of pastors and staff mingling around like sheep looking for a shepherd, or else they are showing eachother that their “whatever” is bigger and more effective than your “whatever”. I’ve been to one’s where they show off all the new toys that are outrageously out of your budget and manpower, and basically say, “do this and you will get _____ results”; worthless. And of course, I’ve been to one’s where the content is just plain bad, boring, and hereticle at worst. Don’t get me wrong, they’re trying – I guess I’m just a hard customer.

dr. chandLet me just say that Dr. Samuel Chand blew our minds. He gave us a ton to implement, a ton to think about, a ton to teach, a ton to share with others, and a ton to work on. He also confirmed in our hearts that we are in the right place in ministry right now. I also gained even more respect for my lead pastor because many things that Dr. Chan was teaching, our lead pastor shares with us on a regular basis.

Somehow this was all related to ARM, Benny Perez, Samuel Chand, and Generations Church. Now mind you this is the first I have heard of some of these guys, so I still have to do my own probing and see where they stand and how I fit in. Anyway there’s another opportunity to hear Dr. Chand at a conference scheduled for December 3-4 in lovely Las Vegas.

I thought I’d spend some time sharing some of the things that Dr. Chand taught, not only for your benefit, but for mine as well:

In leadership, the most important decision you will make is SELECTING your leaders!

  1. Is someone holding your ladder?
  2. What kind of person is holding your ladder?
    • Do you have to constantly remind them?
    • Are they casual or intentional?
    • Do they have their eye on you, or are they looking around?
    • Do they have a firm grip on your “ladder” or vision?
  3. Qualities of an effective ladder holder.
    • Strong (not fragile, easily offended)
    • Attentive (learn quickly, respond to instruction & correction, HOT communication, honest, open, transparent)
    • Faithful (faith in leadership)
    • Firm (not blown about by manipulative people)
    • Loyal ( you can hire talent, you cannot buy loyalty)
  4. Ladder holders must be trained.
    • Very few ministers have qualified and trained ladder holders.
    • Your armor bearer / assistant may not necessarily be your ladder holder.
    • People need clear instruction.
  5. Ladder placement & perspective
    • The greatest tragedy is to climb to the top of the ladder, only to find that your ladder is leaning against the wrong building!
    • Asses where you want to go
    • Why you’re on the ladder
    • What tools you need “up there” – you can’t keep going up and down!
  6. Two basic categories of ladder holders
    • Leaders & Managers (we need them both like wings on an airplane)

    Part 2: Characteristics of Leaders