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Today we took Macy to get her stitches removed. It was a pretty straightforward procedure. No tears, just a healthy scar across her eyebrow. Here’s some pics:




That smile...


There's 5 little stitches somewhere on the plastic


The lolipop always makes it better

So, she’ll have a great story to tell – hopefully she’s gotten her injuries out of the way for a while…

Sunday post-church is always an interesting time for me. On one hand I really want to enjoy the afternoon, hang out with friends & family, maybe even go out to lunch with a new family or something – rarely does any of that happen because I am usually wiped out or feeding kids & putting them down for naps.

This Sunday I actually had a plan for post-church. Miles & Macy were at their grandma’s and I was going to go home and try and clean up our house for Jen (it was a mess from Christmas & Christmas dinner, and the ensuing days of laziness).

So I am leaving church, actually about 2 minutes away when I get a phone call. (Actually I was on the phone with Peter)… it went something like this:

Me: Hello?

Grandma: Where are you?

Me: Driving home from church…

Grandma: Well, Macy just fell, and we think she’s gonna need stitches, what should I do?

(at this point I can barely make out spoken word over the screaming of multiple people, including my two kids in the background)

Me: Well, I guess you should bring her to A+ Urgent Care right here, I’m about 2 minutes away. I’ll u-turn and go make sure they do stitches…

Grandma: OK, we’ll call when we’re on the way.

Me: Alright, is she OK?

Grandma: Yeah, I think Miles is crying worse than her, he’s saying, “It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault”…

Me: OK, well I’m on my way – see you there, and oh yeah… don’t tell Jen!

(she was at work)

Thus began our afternoon emergency adventure. Here’s a blow by blow (pun intended).

The first picture taken immediately after it happened (cleaned up of course).

Macy asleep when she arrived at A+.

Me comforting my little angel before ‘surgery’

No comment…


The stitching…

And the finished product! She was such a brave girl!

Thanks for the prayers & kind words for everyone who was following along with Twitter. Thanks too to the great people at our local A+ Urgent Care (on Winchester & Technology). In case you want to see more pics of her ordeal, there’s a few more here. She’s great +5 stitches, mom’s great (we waited till she was home from work to tell, er, uh, show her), and dad didn’t pass out, so I think all in all we’re good! In fact, as soon as we got back to Grandmas, Macy decided to jump on her quad…

That’s our girl!


I look at my son and am just amazed at what God has blessed us with… every day. The joy and responsibility of being a dad is something I wouldn’t trade for anything – and how loving is my heavenly father that he would offer me this experience! Anyway, two weeks ago Friday, Miles tested for his Yellow Belt. Here’s a little video of him doing his White Belt form (Miles is on the right):

Miles White Belt Form from alex mclean on Vimeo.

And last Friday, he receieved his Yellow Belt! Jen and I were there with his sitster Macy along with his Mamo Barbara and Papa Bob. We’re so dang proud of him! Here’s a little video of him receiveing it (bummer, we left our decent camera at home, so this is TreoVideo):

Yellow Belt from alex mclean on Vimeo.

It’s been a busy few weeks! I was sick for like a week and a half – I was only down for a couple days, but I felt pretty gnarly the whole time. Anyway, I missed blogging a few things and just thought I’d catch up.

Last week my dad turned 60! I know, that’s pretty crazy. He’s such a cool guy – the best grandpa you’ve ever seen! We did a little surprise party for him, which was like a local reunion of sorts with the church that I used to be a youth pastor at – it was so good to see a bunch of old friends and celebrate my dad.

A very good friend of mine, Trasier, invited us over to hang out and we got to connect with his family and some other old friends, the Beavers. This is a picture of their girls and our kids hanging out. Its amazing how old friends can instantly reconnect and have a great time together.

We discovered “Guitar Hero Word Tour”. One word: AMAZING! We love playing Guitar Hero 2 as a family on our Wii, this just takes it to another level. Even better songs (Sweet Home Alabama, Are You Gonna Go My Way, La Bamba, etc), online playing, downloadable songs, record your own songs, drums, guitar, bass, vocals – it’s awesome. Of course, we only rented it. Maybe we’ll get it for Christmas. And yes, Macy plays Guitar Hero on a Uke!

Me and Jen got to attend another South West Church Planters Forum and hear my great friend Eric lead worship. These are such a great resource in our valley for pastors, planters, and leaders in local churches – great networking, great food, and just refreshing.

Halloween! Actually the day before. We went to Jen’s Grandparents place, a local elder care place. The kids got to trick or treat to all the folks who lived there, plus we celebrated Jen’s Grandpa’s birthday. That’s Miles as Darth Vader – of course! Macy’s on the end as a princess, and then their good friends Ella and Allie. (Not sure who the other kids are!).

Picture 2-12 096
Miles had a park day for his school, Santa Rosa Academy. By the way, we are very pleased with our decision to send him to a charter school. He’s in school two full days a week, and home for the rest. We work with him on the other days – sort of like home school. He’s got some great friends and he’s already in 1st grade reading/writing. We’re very proud of him!

Picture 2-12 078
Miles is now a 4 stripe white belt and he tests tomorrow (Friday) night for his yellow belt. He’s doing his ‘forms’ all over the house and looks like a stud! Again, we’re SO proud of him.

Macy had Pajama Day at her school last week! She LOVED it! Got to wear her princess jammies to school and bring her baby. She was so cute – she’s such an awesome little girl.

We’re truly blessed!