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Saw something over at Los’ Blog that inspired me.

It’s every weekend for the next 6 months, with a different color for different elements of the worship experience. I’m trying to stay on top of a lot of details and still remain flexible – thus the post it notes.

My wife said, “Isn’t there a program that does this for you?”.
To which I answered, “Yes”.
She said, “And you of all people are not using it?”

How do you plan your worship?


It’s time to do some house keeping here at betterthanblank. When I started the blog I added every single blog I could find that was in anyway interesting or connected to this community (whatever that means). Now I look at the list and it is pretty overwhelming. So, I’m gonna try something that may or may not work.

If you want your link on my blog then just leave me a comment, if not – don’t. I’ll add you if I don’t already have you, and if yer blog is even somewhat interesting. In a couple weeks I’m gonna try and clean up the sidebars and get them a little more comprehensive.

So again – leave a comment with your blog if you want to be on the blogroll. Happy New Year!

The last few days I’ve been buried in XLR cables, racks, speakers, outboard gear, junk, trash, and whatever else has collected over the past five years in our tech gear. I’m the kind of person that gets irritated at messes and I can’t stop thinking about a project until it’s finished. So yesterday I finally finished the initial install and clean up of our tech gear. With the help of some of our staff & volunteer staff (Karl, Kevin, Dan, Chuck, John, Don, Tim, Alex), we are up and running. Our sound booth is clean and things are functioning well. Here’s some pictures:






Now for some of you who go to larger churches with hefty budgets, you may notice that this doesn’t include the standard M7, or a Hog, Meyer line arrays or matching Shure wireless systems, or custom lighted rackmount systems, moving lights, etc. Here’s the rub; we did this all using parts and pieces of gear that we have been using over the past few years in a middle school. We sold gear to get pieces that we needed to make this work. I think the most I spent out of pocket was like $500 for projector mounts and some video signal converters (which we will talk about in Part 2). I’m pretty proud of that fact even though we’d LOVE to have the M7 – I think it will be our next big purchase when the budget allows. I’d also like to get into moving lights asap.

Here’s some basics on what we are running:

  • Midas Venice 32 Channel mixer. This mixer has a really sweet, thick, warm sound. Not as many Aux’s as one might like, but we are running AVIOM’s so…
  • AVIOM System. This was our only purchase in the past year that was really pricey. I think we spent about $8000 for the entire system. I don’t know all the actual gear models, but we have the head amp unit mounted near our mixer which sends a signal via CAT5 to the FOH where it is received by a distribution unit. From there we have 4 stage mixers, and 3 rack mount mixers, with stage remotes. So we have 7 total units on stage. The rack mount units are for future wireless units. The entire band runs on Shure E3’s and E4’s (I think that’s right, Karl?). Oh yeha
  • EV powered speakers, sorry can’t remember the models. But we’re in the process of flying the pair of mid-highs, and we’ve built our subs into the stage – we’ve got 8) 18’s. Yes you can be envious of that. And I consider myself blessed.
  • Some of the outboard gear we’ll be running is: Ashley EQ’s, TC Electronics multi-effects, Presonus ACP 88 compressor/gate, SM57’s & 58’s, Sennheiser E906’s, and some sort of condenser mics for overhead drums (they are not the AKG 414’s that we’d love to have).

You’ll notice that we have the camera and lights out there too, plus the three screens. I’ll discuss those worlds in Part 2, 3, 4, or 5, or maybe 6 who knows… But I thought maybe you’d be interested to see how LifeChurch does it’s thang.

How do you do yours?

You NEED to watch these videos from Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in North Carolina:

When this started it was announced as a 10 part series – I sure hope so!