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I’ve decided that I have to get more organized. For those of you who know me, I know, you’re like “huh? I thought you were?” Well, I’m not that just the fact. There’s way more I want to get accomplished and my lack of organization (or next level of organization) is a road block right now. Bottom line, it’s time to re-organize.

I’ve hear a few people buzzing about Evernote. So I thought I’d give it a try. For those who don’t know what it is, check it out here.

What I’m really interested in is some real life examples of how people are using tools like Evernote (or more specifically Evernote in this case) to get things done better, to stay more organized, more on top of things. Maybe you’ve got something better? I’d love to hear about that too…

I’m all ears. (Evernote logo pun intended).

Today I was feeling overwhelmed with meetings and tasks. So I did the responsible thing and re-arranged my office. I could fib and say that I am trying to increase productivity, but in reality I just needed a new look & feel, and something to do that was pretty brainless, yet satisfying. Here’s the cheezy Treo photos.

I’ve been using iGoogle as my home page for at least a year, probably longer. I love it, even though it’s a little cluttery, it helps me stay on top of things. Google is pretty much the next best thing next to Jesus. My Google home page has these plugins:

  1. Gmail – the best email application ever invented
  2. – up to date news
  3. Vitalist Gadget – my to do lists
  4. Google Reader – gotta get my blogs on
  5. Picasa Web Photos – shows my online collection of photos
  6. Google Calendar – I don’t use this enough, but I am learning
  7. Nasa Image of the Day – awesome space photos
  8. Better Bookmarks – this is for when I open my Google homepage on someone else’s computer
  9. Digg – I check it every once in a while
  10. Weather – or I could just go outside
  11. Clicky Quicky – keep tabs on my blog stats
  12. Countdown – right now it’s counting down to Jen’s birthday
  13. Date & Time – just in case I don’t want to look at the tool bar on my Macbook Pro
  14. Christian Today – this has interesting links every so often

What does your homepage look like?


I think it’s important to do this every once in a while: Are you linked up? Do you visit the ol’ blog, but haven’t gotten on the links lists to your lower left? I try and categorize the link lists by some sort of relevant idea.

  • Blogs: these are just kind of uncategorized blogs
  • Blogs by Pastors: these are blogs by lead pastors
  • Blogs by Worship Leaders: blogs by worship leaders & pastors
  • Churches: these are just churches that I like, follow, watch, visit, etc.
  • Links: just some cool links to websites
  • Locals Only: these are people in my local area

Maybe I’ve got you in the wrong category. Maybe I don’t have you at all. Maybe I have you, but you don’t have me? Maybe you just want to let everyone know how cool it is to be in a community like this. Whatever you’d like, just leave a comment and I’ll hook you up and I would appreciate a hook up as well.