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This week and weekend at Rancho Community were insane. Flat out insane.

  • Our school is growing in the middle of a recession.
  • Our first inaugural High School football team is 3-0.
  • I get to help brand this school and it’s teams – we’re having so much fun!
  • Our church has two very healthy campuses and a church plant and I get to help dream of more!
  • I get to oversee the worship teams at Rancho and I’ve watched them grow and develop so much over the past year, and watched our church engage like never before.
  • I get to help develop designs (series art, stage design, spirit wear, etc.), communication tools (facebook, twitter, websites, working with local press, etc.), and growth & organization tools to help Rancho grow.

I also get the opportunity to work with some crazy talented, and humble people, people like (in no particular order):

  • Scott Treadway, our lead pastor. Well, of course I’m going to put him first – he might read this! And anything I say will sound like I’m placating, but this guy’s the real deal – great communicator, great leader. (and sometimes he tweets).
  • Mike Johnson, our school’s superintendent – sounds all important, but he’s really a down-to-earth guy and a great friend.
  • Julianna Morlet, one of our worship leaders – who also happens to be a pretty dang talented blogger too.
  • Jeff Johnson, another one of our worship leaders – the guy who puts it all together.
  • Brian Howley, our Tech Arts Director – the guy who, with his team makes it all happen.
  • Ryan Beaver, one of my best friends who just so happens to be leading things over at our Murrieta Campus. (oh yeah, he doesn’t really tweet, or have a blog… yet.)
  • Chris Stout, another great friend & our Tech support in Murrieta – one of the nicest, hard-working guys I’ve ever met.
  • Marcy Rossi. Her ‘official’ title is ‘Executive Assistant’, but she builds, designs, imagines, and actually follows through. Let’s just say she built the 4D stage. by. her. self.
  • Don Hallworth, our Executive Pastor of Ministries – this guy’s got more wisdom in his pinky than most people do in their entire body.
  • Chad Fergerstrom, another one of our worship leaders – this guy brings order to chaos and makes Murrieta smooth every week.
  • Robert Powell, another worship leader – I’ve made it no secret, my favorite worship leader, of all time. Don’t be afraid of the beard! Seriously, a gifted guy.
  • Casey Riley, IT Director – this guy could probably do anything, and he’s here making things happen all over the place – crazy talented.
  • And some of our amazing worship team members: Travis, Emily, Tyson, Justin, Jules, Brian, Jason, Ashley, Eric, Mikey, Joe, Crystal-Lee, Madison, Andrew.
  • And of of course our tech team (many of whom I’ve yet to get to know!): Darrin, Randy, Michael, Dylan, John L, John J, Steven, Hanyu, Paul, Gary, Lance, Jeff, Adam & Matt.
  • Oh yeah and this weekend we had the illustrious Rich Kirkpatrick on keys in Murrieta!

There’s a lot more people who make our organization go-round, including tons of volunteers who serve faithfully every weekend. This weekend was just a good reminder of what a privilege it is to be a part of something like Rancho.

How was your weekend?

So I had a pretty normal day today. Took Miles to Taekwondo, then me and Macy went and checked out the Murrieta Farmer’s Market. It seemed fun enough to take Miles so when he got done, we picked him up, changed his clothes and went back. We saw a bunch of our friends there including @locustfist & family and @jeffpaschall & family.

After that we headed over to Chickfilet for some lunch, back home for naps, then back out to wash Jen’s car. A stop by Albertsons & then home – that’s when I saw this:

Yup, right in Murrieta on Cal Oaks…

So, I guess that’s a pretty normal Saturday in Murrieta.

Well, we finally got out of Murrieta today at 12 noon straight up. That was after stops to Costco, AAA, Sprint, and the local Red Box (we are going to Red Box our way across the USA).

We had a smooth drive and didn’t have to stop until Barstow. We hit up the local Starbucks, not really – all we did was our business.

Then we got back on the road and high-tailed it to Vegas, where we stopped for dinner. We showed the kids the Lions at the MGM & had dinner at the Rain Forrest Cafe.

So far so good. That was as far as Jen & I had ever gone together. For me, that began the fun part. I don’t know what it is, but I love adventure, the “great wide open”. Unfortunately it was dark when we left so we couldn’t really see what we were driving through. Tomorrow should be amazing – I’ve heard the drive through Colorado is amazing.

Our plan is to get to Grand Junction for lunch & visit the area for a bit, then back on the road to Denver. We’re hoping to get into Denver in time for some dinner with our great friends, the Smith’s.

Oh yeah, and the kids did amazingly well and they’re having a total blast!

So before I leave you tonight, I thought I’d share some tidbits about Cedar City, Utah, where we are spending the night:

  • Cedar City was originally settled in late 1851 by Mormon pioneers
  • The site, known as “Fort Cedar” or “Cedar City,” was equidistant from vast iron deposits 10 miles (16 km) west and coal resources 10 miles (16 km) up Cedar Canyon, but was named after the abundant local trees (which are actually Junipers instead of Cedar)
  • Cedar City continues to be a center of tourism, commercial development, education and the arts in southwestern Utah
  • According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 20.1 square miles (52.0 km²), none of which is covered with water
  • As of the census[1] of 2000, there were 20,527 people, 6,486 households, and 4,682 families residing in the city

All that info was from Wikipedia.

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Today was Grandma Rudy’s Memorial service. It was a wonderful & stressful event at the same time. I’ll post on it soon. But we’re finally home & beginning to get ready for tomorrow. We’ve got a 6.5 hour drive (probably more like 8hrs) from Murrieta, Ca to Cedar City, Ut – right through Vegas.

So as of 8:24pm here’s where we stand…

  • Items packed – 0
  • Cell plan changed to unlimited data – check (so we can priceline our way across America)
  • Gas tank full – check
  • Oil changed – check
  • Car washed – half check (Jen got it washed at the carwash on Cal Oaks in Murrieta & they basically wiped it down = $20. We won’t be going back there, ever)
  • Power Inverter – check (purchased from Walmart yesterday for only $18)
  • Ipod loaded with “Road Trip” music – nope
  • Car cleaned out from today’s running around – nope
  • Bills paid – nope (we’ll be doing that on the road)
  • Laundry to do? yup
  • Kids in bed? nope
  • Bathed? yup

So, I’m off to get things going around here for tomorrow. We’re probably not going to be leaving at 6am like we had planned, but hopefully we can get out of here before it gets too late.

We’ll be twittering (#mcroadtrip) and adding photo’s to our photostream along the way – so stay up to date with us as we hit 14 states in 14 days!

Mr. Ragamuffin posted this today & I thought it was a great idea – so I’m participating. Here’s what he said:

Whenever you ask people where they are FROM, there is always some followup statement that sounds something like…
“Oh, but I grew up in LA” or “Oh but I grew up in New York”.
Like they somehow must right the wrong in their lives that has led them to Des Moines, IA.
In order to cut down on the banter…
Where did you “grow up” and was your childhood culdesac as rad as the kids on E.T. had it?

So the official answer for me? I grew up in San Jose, Modesto, and Murrieta – all in California.

House #1 - 2828 Hostetter Road, San Jose

House #1 - 2828 Hostetter Road, San Jose

This was the house I was born in. It had a pool, clubhouse, 2 giant palm trees in the front – gone now. Pretty sad actually – my dad used to keep this place in impeccable condition.

House #2 - 3276 Farthing Way, San Jose

House #2 - 3276 Farthing Way, San Jose

I don’t know how long we lived here, probably till I was in 6th grade or so – then we moved to Modesto. I do remember a couple things about this place:

  • Our neighbors the Kerr’s – we used to play all day long outside.
  • Our neighbors the Morningstar’s – Al was a mechanic for those funky helicopter planes, and he would wash his classic Ford Thunderbird convertible like every day.
  • Some neighbors up the street had a huge sandbox that we used to blow up GI Joe’s in.
  • Me and my brother used to hike over to a creek about 1 mile away and play all day long. I always wanted to follow it up into the foothills, but never did.
  • We had a basset hound dog at this house that never stopped howling – it mysteriously disappeared.
House #3 - 522 Maze Blvd. Modesto

House #3 - 522 Maze Blvd. Modesto

This was our Modesto house. I have a love/hate relationship with Modesto. Had a lot of good memories there. This house was awesome because it was huge for one thing and it had like a 1/2 acre of land where we would go nuts on every day. While we lived in Mo-town, I went to Modesto Christian School for Junior High, Big Valley Grace for church, and then to Modesto High for 9th & 10th grades.

House #4 - 24738 Leafwood Drive, Murrieta

House #4 - 24738 Leafwood Drive, Murrieta

And this is where we lived when we moved down to SoCal. Of course we lived in a couple little places before this – but this is where we landed. I lived here until I moved out basically. Built a room in the garage – it was pretty sweet. My parents still live here today.

So, that’s where I grew up. How about you?